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reprove someone for something

to criticize or censure someone for something. The boss reproved all the employees for their use of the telephones for personal calls. We were all reproved for being late too often.
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But his death 'will be the seed' of many disciples who will convince them of their evil ways, and will come forth to reprove them in harsher terms, because they are younger and more inconsiderate.
The natural day is very calm, and will hardly reprove his indolence.
Presently he had occasion to reprove that same waiter for the slovenly manner in which the dinner was served.
Sometimes, the worthy gentleman would reprove my mother for being over-indulgent to her sons, with a reference to old Eli, or David and Absalom, which was particularly galling to her feelings; and, very highly as she respected him, and all his sayings, I once heard her exclaim, 'I wish to goodness he had a son himself
But something always returned swift upon me to check these thoughts, and to reprove me; and particularly one day, walking with my gun in my hand by the seaside, I was very pensive upon the subject of my present condition, when reason, as it were, expostulated with me the other way, thus: "Well, you are in a desolate condition, it is true; but, pray remember, where are the rest of you?
he trusted to his comrade, brother, and partner not to hesitate to set him right, and to reprove his weakness.
When the Spaniards came home at night, and they were all at supper, one of them took the freedom to reprove the three Englishmen, though in very gentle and mannerly terms, and asked them how they could be so cruel, they being harmless, inoffensive fellows: that they were putting themselves in a way to subsist by their labour, and that it had cost them a great deal of pains to bring things to such perfection as they were then in.
Miss Monflathers, however, rebuked this enthusiasm, and took occasion to reprove Mrs Jarley for not keeping her collection more select: observing that His Lordship had held certain opinions quite incompatible with wax-work honours, and adding something about a Dean and Chapter, which Mrs Jarley did not understand.
Although my research takes a critical approach to innovation, its purpose is not to reprove its proponents and dismiss it as a fad, but to understand how and what it produces, and its impact in addressing the current complex societal challenges.
This sunny morning, when the sky's so blue, The freckled light glints on the waves like love, No promises to keep, no deeds to do, The sturdy bridges soaring high above, Like something lasting past the world's reprove, An unseen music tingles down my spine, A song cooed sweetly by some mourning dove, Some brand new words to The Water of Tyne: "Though all your old friends are departed now There's plenty left to live for anyhow.
I do not reprove, nor do I consider the criticism unfair," the president said.
Finally, note that the full passage from which Jesus quotes the second great commandment ("You shall love your neighbor as yourself" in Matt 22:36-40) warns against seeking revenge or bearing grudges: "You shall not hate in your heart anyone of your kin; you shall reprove your neighbor, or you will incur guilt yourself.
The EPA is not required to reprove the existence of the atom every time it approaches a scientific question.
While boss Joachim Low congratulated his side for their performance against Greece, he summoned his players to reprove them for allowing his personnel changes to reach the German media.