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above reproach

not deserving of blame or criticism. Some politicians behave as though they are above reproach.
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reproach someone for something

to rebuke or censure someone for something. She reproached ferry for gambling away all their money. She reproached herself mercilessly for her failure.
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reproach someone with something

to rebuke someone with reference to something. I wish you wouldn't continue to reproach me with things that happened long ago. She was reproached with something out of the past.
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beyond reproach

not to be criticized These were men of outstanding character who were beyond reproach.
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beyond reproach

Blameless, faultless, as in Jean's conduct at school is beyond reproach. The phrase employs the verb to reproach in the sense of "censure or rebuke," a usage dating from the early 1500s.
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References in classic literature ?
Yes, I said, that they should begin by reproaching us with our ignorance of the good, and then presume our knowledge of it-- for the good they define to be knowledge of the good, just as if we understood them when they use the term `good'--this is of course ridiculous.
There on his table, his sister's letter lay reproaching him.
It was the letter he was expecting--from his mother, reproaching him for not having been to see her--and the note was from his brother to say that he must have a little talk with him.
They were awakened by Possum, who was indignantly reproaching a tree squirrel for not coming down to be killed.
He had been liked and respected before, and nobody would have dreamed of reproaching him with his indiscretion before the police.
It is certain these people do not commit this as a crime; it is not against their own consciences reproving, or their light reproaching them; they do not know it to be an offence, and then commit it in defiance of divine justice, as we do in almost all the sins we commit.
After this reproaching myself was over, it following thus:
You are reproaching me, underhanded, with having nobody but you to look to.
This circumstance, added to the length of his legs, which were of unusual extent, enabled him with much ease to keep some half-dozen paces in advance of his companion, to whom he occasionally turned with an impatient jerk of the head: as if reproaching her tardiness, and urging her to greater exertion.
Jonathan Goldberg connects Miranda's speech reproaching Caliban to the concept of race and the ability to write, while Denise Albanese demonstrates how the social uses of mathematics, the way in which putting mathematics down on paper, shifted the subject from the artisanal to the humanist.