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above reproach

So perfect as to avoid criticism. His performance has been above reproach. I cannot think of a single reason he shouldn't be promoted. Just because you get good grades doesn't mean you're above reproach.
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beyond reproach

Perfect; unable to be criticized. I have to scold some of my employees regularly, but Tom's behavior is beyond reproach.
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above reproach

not deserving of blame or criticism. Some politicians behave as though they are above reproach.
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reproach someone for something

to rebuke or censure someone for something. She reproached ferry for gambling away all their money. She reproached herself mercilessly for her failure.
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reproach someone with something

to rebuke someone with reference to something. I wish you wouldn't continue to reproach me with things that happened long ago. She was reproached with something out of the past.
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beyond reproach

Blameless, faultless, as in Jean's conduct at school is beyond reproach. The phrase employs the verb to reproach in the sense of "censure or rebuke," a usage dating from the early 1500s.
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However, Dhu-Nuwas's grandiose schemes received a serious setback when a neighboring sheikh named Aidug, who still adhered to heathenism, reproached the Himyarite king for destroying the Arabian Peninsula's trade by his exclusion of Byzantine merchants.
The Russian press has long reproached the Bolshoi for the lack of foreign productions in its repertory.
But in a sign of how far apart the two sides are on the fundamental political issues that divide them, Jiang reproached Clinton for asserting Friday that the goal of the administration's China policy is to ``promote a more open and free China.
Socialists reproached him for not purging communists.
The Supervisory Board thereby endorses the resolution passed by the Investment, Financial and Audit Committee that the matter was duly attended to and the Executive Committee responsible for the matter cannot be reproached.
It comes as no surprise, given his lack of academic training and his decisively pragmatic biases, that Continental philosophy is a somewhat muddled area for him, even though Homemade Esthetics demonstrates that Greenberg has read Kant's Critique of Judgment more attentively than most of those who have reproached him for his alleged Kantianism.
One day his mother found one of the cards and reproached him.
He reproached Grigorovich for alleged duplicity and for a lack of artistic initiative, blaming him for keeping only half of his promise to mount new productions of Le Corsaire and Don Quixote last season.
When Soong worked with General George Marshall in 1946 to reconcile disagreements between the Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) and the Communist Party's leaders, he conducted talks with Zhou Enlai, but was reproached by President Chiang.
Lambasting Oxford University students for giving Simpson a platform, Jackie Mason on Tuesday reproached them with satire.
In this regard, Robert Pincus-Witten's article "Bruce Nauman: Another Kind of Reasoning" (published in Artforum in February 1972), which reproached the artist for turning away from the wordplay featured in his earlier works toward "phenomenological," indeed "behaviorist," pieces, should be reread in light of the past two and a half decades of Nauman's production.
Just as in the era of the historical avant-garde, those artists introducing artificial, aesthetic differences are reproached for being motivated exclusively by commercial and strategic interests.
In this work the author of Male Fantasies manages to define Muller as the crucial if not sole German author to no longer draw psychologically on the war dead - something for which Muller had been reproached in the past.