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above reproach

not deserving of blame or criticism. Some politicians behave as though they are above reproach.
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reproach someone for something

to rebuke or censure someone for something. She reproached ferry for gambling away all their money. She reproached herself mercilessly for her failure.
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reproach someone with something

to rebuke someone with reference to something. I wish you wouldn't continue to reproach me with things that happened long ago. She was reproached with something out of the past.
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beyond reproach

not to be criticized These were men of outstanding character who were beyond reproach.
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beyond reproach

Blameless, faultless, as in Jean's conduct at school is beyond reproach. The phrase employs the verb to reproach in the sense of "censure or rebuke," a usage dating from the early 1500s.
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that would be deemed morally reproachable if viewed from the broader
In the present broils of this state, my own interest has not made me blind to either the laudable qualities in our adversaries or those that are reproachable in the men I have followed.
Invariably, however, political winds shift and can provide once reproachable goals an opening.
Emma's insult of Miss Bates, I would argue, is particularly reproachable precisely because Austen has demonstrated so clearly in the scenes leading up to the incident that Emma could (and at times did) resist her temptations.
Yet surely one of the most morally reproachable consequences of social inequality is that it creates unequal social vulnerabilities that allow some to deny or exploit others' natural vulnerabilities.
I would like it if there weren't an exaggeration of reproachable behavior for women, and that human values were recovered, instead of wielding such themes as sex and homosexuality in such an aggressive manner," says Aguilar.
Rorty finds nothing reproachable in such recourse; if pragmatism does have anything to say about such a truth, then he would like to see it "take the form of a proposal.
DISY leader Nicos Anastassiades was equally frank, saying it was unacceptable, inconceivable, and particularly reproachable for all those who want peaceful coexistence with the Greek Cypriots to tolerate such people living among them.
Above all, President Tabare Vazquez's attitude is reproachable.
Hence a public office holder, therefore, who correctly perceives him/her self as a leader/an elder will not engage in aimless, purposeless, disgraceful, and irresponsible behavior, or indulge in any form of socially despicable or morally reproachable conduct; such a correctly self-perceived public office holder will always be in full control of his/her body and mind.