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represent someone in something

to act as one's advocate or agent in business or legal proceedings. My lawyer represented me in court. His attorney will represent him in all his dealings with the publishing company.
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represent someone or something as something

to depict or portray someone or something as something; to think of someone or something as something. I don't think you should represent me as so perfect. After all, I'm human. The artist represented my puppy as a playful animal.
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represent something to someone

1. to exemplify something to someone. What does this behavior represent to you? This represents a lapse in manners to me.
2. to explain a matter to someone. He represented the matter to me in a much more charitable light. I did not represent it properly to you.
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The 14 paintings of holy and inspiring women in the chapel of Merion Mercy Academy in Merion Station, Pennsylvania represent the seven corporal works of mercy (left) and the seven spiritual works of mercy (right).
On consummation of the proposal, BancWest would operate the 16th largest depository institution in the market, controlling deposits of $297 million, which represent less than 1 percent of market deposits.
Another challenge was to select a profile that represents a sufficiently broad segment of the market so end-users would find results relevant and useful in evaluating products.
For example, at least five different members of the City Council claim they represent Van Nuys.
Miles draws the same negative conclusions in her critique of Not Without My Daughter, The Chosen, and Chariots of Fire, films that represent Judaism and Islam within predominantly Christian cultures.
Cash-out and rate/term refinance loans represent 40.
The Board continues to believe that deposits maintained by a banking organization in a specific market, including deposits generated outside the market, represent an important measure of the banking organization's capacity to compete in that market.
The class B certificates designated B-I-1 through B-I-6 represent subordination for groups 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
The states that represent the largest portion of the aggregate mortgage loans are California (19.
The states that represent the largest geographic concentrations are California (49.
The certificates represent a cross-collateralized ownership interest in the group 1, group 2, group 3, group 4, group 5, and group 6 mortgage loans.
Collectively, these classes represent the Category One pool.
Salt Lake City, Utah, ("First Security Bank"), which is First Security's lead bank and represents approximately 76 percent of the assets controlled by First Security, received an "outstanding" rating from the OCC, as of May 1999.
Creative Exchange Agency, a public relations firm that represents stylists, editors and photographers, including David LaChapelle, leased 2,200 s/f of office space.
The Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment provides that an institution's most recent CRA performance evaluation is an important and often controlling factor in the consideration of an institution's CRA record because it represents a detailed evaluation of the institution's overall record of performance under the CRA by its appropriate federal banking supervisor.