repose in

repose in something

1. to lie stretched out in something, such as a bed. I think I would like to repose in my own bed for an hour or two before I begin my journey. Tom reposed in a comfortable chair for the rest of the evening.
2. to lie stretched out in a particular state, such as death or slumber. She lay on the cot, reposed in slumber, waiting for Prince Charming to arrive. The ruler reposed in death on public view for two days.
3. [for something] to exist in something or be part of the essence of something. Much of our cultural heritage reposes in our literature. Considerable important thinking reposes in folktales and myths.
See also: repose
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In the ground samples, the effect of temperature was masked by the grind size because sudden variations of the angle of repose in different samples stored at 10[degrees]C were observed.
1) In IndyMac, nonparty investors of a putative class filed individual claims substantially similar to the class's claims after the running of the three-year statute of repose in [section] 13 of the Securities Act ([section] 13).
Part IV concludes, under the same logic set forth in American Pipe, that a limited tolling exception to [section] 13's statute of repose in securities class actions would not violate the Rules Enabling Act because tolling in this context is consistent with the policy goals underlying Rule 23 and the private-securities-litigation framework.
18) Since this decision, the lower federal courts have debated extensively the contours and scope of the American Pipe tolling rule, exploring such issues as whether the tolling rule applies beyond the context of antitrust cases and if the rule applies to statutes of repose in addition to statutes of limitations.
75) The Fourth Circuit has likewise held that a statute of repose may not be tolled, whether equitably or legally, (76) while the Ninth Circuit has left open the possibility of tolling statutes of repose in limited contexts.
S9558 (CERCLA S309) to preempt state statutes of repose in addition to statutes of limitation.
Several writers have examined statutes of repose in the context of state-based product liability claims.
Part I of this Note examines the efflorescence of statutes of repose in product liability across jurisdictions, the divergent approaches taken regarding the constitutionality of statutes of repose and the rise of the asbestos litigation "crisis.
15) Part III concludes on the viability of statutes of repose in product liability and asbestos litigation, arguing for the implementation of the rebuttable presumption concept or total abolition.
Despite (or because of) one's impatience to arrive at the heart of the matter - evidence of Melville's tense repose in Typee, Moby-Dick, and The Confidence-Man - and one's increasing sense that Bryant's pluralistic historicism works better in theory than in practice, it is a relief to reach his brilliant deconstructions of Poe's "Ligeia" and "The Murders in the Rue Morgue.
S9558 (CER-CLA S309) to preempt state statutes of repose in addition to statutes of limitation.
40) A plaintiff must satisfy the time limits of both the applicable statute of limitations and the statute of repose in order to file suit.
43) Thus legislatures, fearing that certain economically valuable classes of potential defendants would be crippled by the lack of a guarantee of freedom from liability after a given point, pass statutes of repose in order to encourage them to continue to do business and to lower insurance rates.
Courts have split as to whether the doctrine has survived the abrogation of sovereign immunity, (54) whether it applies to municipalities in addition to state governments, (55) whether it applies to statutes of repose in addition to statutes of limitation, (56) and whether the government may bring suit in a proprietary role.