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repose in something

1. to lie stretched out in something, such as a bed. I think I would like to repose in my own bed for an hour or two before I begin my journey. Tom reposed in a comfortable chair for the rest of the evening.
2. to lie stretched out in a particular state, such as death or slumber. She lay on the cot, reposed in slumber, waiting for Prince Charming to arrive. The ruler reposed in death on public view for two days.
3. [for something] to exist in something or be part of the essence of something. Much of our cultural heritage reposes in our literature. Considerable important thinking reposes in folktales and myths.
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repose (up)on something

to lie on something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I will repose upon these cushions until my bathwater has been drawn. Dawn reposed on the sofa for over an hour.
See also: on, repose
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Le President de l'Institut arabe des droits de l'Homme, Abdelbasset Ben Hassen a souligne que l'institut est pret a mettre son experience a la disposition des parties concernees par ce projet de loi afin de mener une campagne de plaidoyer autour de son adoption, indiquant que ledit projet repose sur le principe de la responsabilite collective.
The angle of repose is used to describe the fluidity of the powder.
Prof Harding said "We have a relationship with Frontier that goes back nearly 20 years as we worked together on developing and proving the clinical efficacy of the Repose products.
It should be noted that a higher angle of repose can occasionally have a negative effect on overall feeding efficiency, as polymer may not flow as freely into the screw.
La nouvelle strategie vise les secteurs les plus touches par le phenomene a savoir les marches publics, la justice, l'enseignement, les mines, la sante ou encore le transport, l'immobilier, la surete nationale et les collectivites locales- De meme qu'elle repose sur cinq bases fondamentales.
This Note examines the Supreme Court's reasoning in American Pipe and the distinct policies behind statutes of repose, arguing that the policies motivating [section] 13's statute of repose are not disserved if the American Pipe tolling rule is extended to circumstances factually similar to those faced by the plaintiffs in IndyMac.
Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals erroneously interpreted the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA, commonly known as "Superfund") Section 309 to eviscerate federal preemption language and the effect of state statutes of repose for products' manufacturers.
Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, effectively reasserting the weight of the Superfund statute of limitations over that of North Carolina's far more restrictive statute of repose.
Five filters were constructed to permit evaluation of five different repose periods: 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 days after the first filtration.
When I saw Angle of Repose on your list, Jason, I winced.
A Funeral Mass will be offered for his repose at 10 AM in St.
The trial court granted the defendant's motion to dismiss, ruling that the claims were barred by the 12-year statute of repose.
The trial court granted summary judgment to the hospital after holding the statute of repose barred such a case and the Tort Claims Act shields a governmental entity from liability for an independent contractor's actions.
Several writers have examined statutes of repose in the context of state-based product liability claims.