report for

report for (something)

To present oneself to someone or appear at some location as instructed for some specific task or duty. I have to report for community service on Saturday. We'll be reporting for duty next week, so enjoy the time off while you can.
See also: report

report for something

to present oneself for something. Please report for duty on Monday morning at eight o'clock sharp. I can't report for my examination at the time we agreed upon.
See also: report
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The system review will be due 18 months from the year end of the engagement requiring a system review (or 18 months from the date of the report for financial forecasts and projections) or the firm's next scheduled due date, whichever is earlier.
Inability to copy text and numbers from the report for use in other applications, like a spreadsheet or word processing program -- something analysts and others need to do.
During a calendar quarter, law enforcement agencies submit a Hate Crime Incident Report for each bias-motivated incident.
Our first objective is to get people to pay attention," says Mike Klodnicki, who produces the annual report for the Southern Company.
Thus, as other auditors have done, issuing a standard report for company B appears justified.
and it is misleading to criticize the COSO report for this lack of redundancy.
Two examples of reports which, in my opinion, have a readability element about them -- and would appeal to the financial person, the employee, the shareholder, or to the potential investor, are Hewlett Packard's 1991 report and Toyota's 1991 report for English consumers.
It also revised the reporting requirements and types of audit reports allowed (for example, the subject-to report for uncertainties and except-for report for consistency departures were eliminated).
The group published an initial policy-making report for wide public discussion that voiced concern about the current state of financial reporting and recommended financial reporting change be driven by user needs.
Your letter makes it clear that achieving public reporting by management and independent auditors on a wide range of internal controls is high on the GAO's list of priorities and harshly criticizes the COSO report for, in essence, not espousing the same position.