reply to

reply to someone or something

to give a response to someone or something. I replied to her already. There is no reason to do it again. I will reply to her letter as soon as I can.
See also: reply
References in classic literature ?
Receiving no reply to this extraordinary appeal, which in truth, as it was delivered with the vigor of full and sonorous tones, merited some sort of notice, he who had thus sung forth the language of the holy book turned to the silent figure to whom he had unwittingly addressed himself, and found a new and more powerful subject of admiration in the object that encountered his gaze.
A legal and constitutional reply to these questions is required The decision in the two matters will be rendered after their detailed hearing.
1 -- (BNA)) The Shura Council's Committee on Reply to the Royal Speech held its meeting chaired by Dr.
A DISPUTE erupted between MPs yesterday over a draft reply to His Majesty King Hamad's speech at the opening of the National Assembly in October.
ISLAMABAD, December 16, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Mansoor Ijaz, Pakistani-American businessman, who created political storm in politics, Thursday submitted his reply to the Supreme Court of Pakistan in memogate case.
I then received another letter from Mr Wright dated April 6 in which he thanked me for taking the time to reply to him.
He claimed Malaiyya sent a lengthy reply to confuse him.
SEATTLE, March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Jott Networks, a voice-to-text service offering mobile professionals simple organization and communications solutions, today announced the ability to reply to emails using its voice-to- text technology on BlackBerry(R) smartphones from Research In Motion (RIM) .
He told the Dail: "I had a written question to the Taoiseach, the reply to which I received around 6pm yesterday evening.
A problem sometimes arises when recipients reply to your e-mail by clicking on Reply to All, rather than just on Reply.
One element of Source Authentication is that the senders of e-mail are asked to reply to the recipients by simply clicking on "reply" and then "send" Question: Is responding to reply inquiries as much of a problem as spam itself?
The following letter is Eco's reply to a question the cardinal had asked him: "What is the basis of the certainty and necessity for moral action of those who, in order to establish the absolute nature of an ethic, do not intend to appeal to metaphysical principles or transcendental values, or even to universally valid categorical imperatives?
These critics have asserted that Jefferson's reply to the Baptists was only a hastily written note intended to curry favor with a political constituency.