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reply to someone or something

to give a response to someone or something. I replied to her already. There is no reason to do it again. I will reply to her letter as soon as I can.
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a dusty answer


a dusty reply

If you ask for something or suggest something and you get a dusty answer or a dusty reply, you receive an unpleasant and negative answer. He asked three times to speak to the king, but each time received a dusty answer. Ask a world-class sportsman to spend several hours testing your product and you are likely to receive a dusty reply.
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a dusty answer

a curt and unhelpful reply. British
The source of this expression is probably a passage in George Meredith's Modern Love ( 1862 ): ‘Ah, what a dusty answer gets the soul when hot for certainties in this our life!’
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a dusty ˈanswer

(old-fashioned, British English) an unhelpful or a sharp response to a request or question: When I asked the company what their policy was on this matter, I received a very dusty answer.
See also: answer, dusty
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Aside from providing suggested Smart Replies, Reply also includes a number of other automated features.
We have no need of Imran Khan's reply now and will issue an order".
Section 10 of this law provides: All registered parties and bona fide candidates shall have the right to reply to charges published against them.
The committee has been keen enough to include in its bill of reply all remarks tabled by committee and council members.
The King's speech is an outline and our reply fills it.
Reply Deutschland, which is based in Guetersloh, Germany, offers consultancy, systems integration and application management services.
Ironically, a reply goes through various stages of vetting before it's given in the House.
In reply Boosbeck had eight wickets down when victory was achieved.
I then received another letter from Mr Wright dated April 6 in which he thanked me for taking the time to reply to him.
210(d)-(e) narrowly defines the role of the reply brief, limiting its content to rebuttal of the arguments made by the appellee in the answer brief.
Mobile data service Isis Telecommunications has announced that it has added Reply Mail to its product range as an alternative to Blackberry services.
However, many readers (too many to mention individually) suggested this simple work-around which is foolproof: Begin in the usual way by entering the addresses in Bcc, but before you send the e-mail, open the Message Options function (Options, Message Options) and place a check next to Have Replies sent to: and enter a reply address (preferably yours).
Carver's reply, published one week later in the Baptist Standard, described Hailey's charge against him as a "nervous emotional exclamation," supposing that Hailey was so excited he could not see clearly as he wrote his diatribe.
The most frequently given reply, however, was "friends and acquaintances," cited by 51.
One element of Source Authentication is that the senders of e-mail are asked to reply to the recipients by simply clicking on "reply" and then "send" Question: Is responding to reply inquiries as much of a problem as spam itself?