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repay someone by something

to recompense someone by doing something; to settle a debt with someone by doing something. I will repay you by cutting your lawn free for a year. How's that? Can I repay you by taking you to dinner?
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repay someone for something

to remunerate someone for doing something. I refused to repay him for his excessive expenses. She was repaid for her kindness many times over.
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repay someone with something

to remunerate someone with something. The farmer's wife repaid the plumbers with fresh eggs and cream. We were repaid with fresh eggs from the farm.
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References in classic literature ?
Then Thistledown was very angry, and turned to find shelter among the stately roses; but they showed their sharp thorns, and, while their rosy faces glowed with anger, told him to begone, or they would repay him for the wrong he had done their gentle kindred.
It serves you rightly; to gain our love and confidence, and repay it by such cruelty
Her gentleness has changed my cruelty to kindness, and I would gladly repay all for the harm I have done; but none will love and trust me now.
Yes," said Bulan, and there was a sudden rush of fire to his eyes that kept Virginia Maxon from urging a detailed explanation of just how she might repay him.
You will find very little to repay you for your trouble in this contemptible THING, sir,' replied Slurk, bestowing a Satanic frown on Pott.
The really vexatious business was the fact that some months ago the creditor who had lent him the five hundred pounds to repay Mrs.
Global Banking News-August 8, 2013--Hungarian central bank repays IMF loan(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
A WOMAN who conned her 87-year-old neighbour out of pounds 8,000 life savings was spared jail yesterday - if she repays it.
With careful planning, CPAs can help clients avoid an unnecessary tax when an S corporation repays shareholder loans.
In January 2005, each policy is rolled out; each employee repays the premiums to X.
Judge Dearie also cited various New York court decisions, including the Court of Appeals, which ruled that even if a lender repays the borrower the interest which is usurious, it does not save the loan from being usurious and therefore void.