repatriate to some place

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repatriate someone to some place

to restore one to one's country of origin. He asked that they repatriate him to the land of his birth. She was repatriated to her homeland.
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The identification of specialist support services which can provide assistance to the repatriate during the transition phase.
Repatriates often experience problems similar to those encountered in initial cross-cultural entry into a foreign environment.
Failure to repatriate such workers means concerned recruiters face docketed cases, orders of preventive suspension, or other administrative sanctions," he said.
DFA will repatriate them ASAP [as soon as possible].
THE GOVERNMENT is preparing a bill that will enable repatriates from third countries -- mainly South Africa -- to receive pensions and other benefits.
The new tax rule should encourage internationally active companies to take advantage of the opportunity to repatriate foreign currency earnings at unusually low effective tax rates, regardless of whether such activities are carried on through foreign subsidiaries or foreign branches.
In return, NCB New York branch will be allowed to repatriate its liquidity without any objections.
The operation to repatriate the displaced persons of North Waziristan Agency (NWA) was started in June last.
Cook told The Washington Post he will be offering his own proposal to lawmakers, which he argued would make it easier for Apple and other companies to repatriate offshore profits.
He also commended the role played by the chiefs in the mobilisation of the people of Southern Sudan to repatriate to the South.
The need to repatriate them had been necessitated by the fact that the kids were growing.
EVROKO deputy Nicos Koutsou explained that this was not just about buying antiquities, but an effort to repatriate stolen antiquities.
The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), representing over 50,000 Americans nationwide, wishes to extend its appreciation to the Department of Justice and the government of Mexico in reaching joint cooperative agreements to repatriate two Mexico City Mexican nationals convicted of crimes in the United States.
Infrastructure in the country is very weak; there is no currency convertibility; and it is impossible in many cases to repatriate profits.
Syntel's (NASDAQ: SYNT) Board of Directors has elected to repatriate earnings of its foreign subsidiary, Syntel Limited, to the U.