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beyond help

Unable to be helped, improved, or repaired. That fence is beyond help—you're better off tearing it down and putting up a new one. Here at the center, we don't believe that anyone is beyond help.
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*beyond help

 and *beyond repair
beyond the help of anything; not able to be fixed. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) The poor dog that was hit by a truck is beyond help. This old car is beyond repair.
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in good repair

Fig. operating well; well taken care of. (Usually said of a thing rather than a person.) The house is in good repair and ought to attract a number of potential buyers. If the car were in good repair, it would run more smoothly.
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repair to some place

to move oneself to some place. I will repair to my room until the crisis is over. She repaired to a safe place for the duration of the storm.
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repair to

To move oneself to some place; go somewhere: The lawyers repaired to the judge's chamber for further discussion.
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Most musical instrument repairer and tuners have posthigh school training.
He added: "As well as consumer choice, the survival of the entire independent aftermarket chain is at risk - repairers will be driven out of business, distributors will lose their clients, tools and parts producers will lose their independent aftermarket, business employees will lose their livelihoods - and our campaign is all about uniting everyone with an interest in the UK to safeguard our futures.
Electric power installers and repairers often work outdoors and may be required to climb poles and towers.
Watch and clock repairers make all kinds of repairs to faulty or damaged clocks and watches.
In today's job market, however, repairers need more than mechanical ability in their skills toolbox.
The company now meets the high standards required to be recommended by the VW Group as an authorised repairer of its vehicles.
Mr Brewer said: "Call Zebra has taken the time to understand the repairers' needs in today's market and developed a sustainable network of service which benefits both the motorist and the repairer.
In the spotlight is Amicus union convener Ian Smith, a traffic light repairer who has been off sick with a stubbed toe for almost a year - and has been paid pounds 91,000 in his absence.
So, if you're a commo equipment user, maintainer or repairer, you need to know some battery basics.
Based at Riverside Park, Middlesbrough, MF Sealing Systems has grown in ten years to become a UK leading industrial seal and pump repairer, the largest repairer of glass lined reactors and a specialist repairer of agitators.
A TYRE repairer was responsible for the deaths of three soccer fans when a tyre he should have replaced burst, an inquest heard yesterday.
com has been launched, offering help to those looking for a domestic appliance repairer in the UK.
The insurance company whisked it away to a repairer.
It would be as easy as downloading an app to your smartphone," said Kinsman, "Remember, the independent repairer doesn't repair the 'family car', he or she fixes Dad's car, Mom's Car, the son's, the daughter's, the nephew's-- every make and model and they are all different.