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beyond help

Unable to be helped, improved, or repaired. That fence is beyond help—you're better off tearing it down and putting up a new one. Here at the center, we don't believe that anyone is beyond help.
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*beyond help

 and *beyond repair
beyond the help of anything; not able to be fixed. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) The poor dog that was hit by a truck is beyond help. This old car is beyond repair.
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in good repair

Fig. operating well; well taken care of. (Usually said of a thing rather than a person.) The house is in good repair and ought to attract a number of potential buyers. If the car were in good repair, it would run more smoothly.
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repair to some place

to move oneself to some place. I will repair to my room until the crisis is over. She repaired to a safe place for the duration of the storm.
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beyond reˈpair

impossible to repair: The engine was damaged beyond repair.
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in good, bad, etc. reˈpair

(also in a good, bad, etc. state of reˈpair) (formal) in good, bad, etc. condition: The house is in a terrible state of repair.If it were in a better state of repair, this old table would be worth a lot of money.
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repair to

To move oneself to some place; go somewhere: The lawyers repaired to the judge's chamber for further discussion.
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Our solutions must satisfy constraints of cost, weight, size, ergonomic factors, environmental impact, reliability, safety, manufacturability, repairability, and so on.
Ball Valves FACTER GATE VALVE BALL VALVE Sealing [check] Infrequent Operation [check] Fail-Safe [check] Hot Tap Isolation [check] High Speed [check] Repairability [check] Cost [check] Space Limitations [check] Hydraulically operated [check]
The mold must be robust and exhibit a high degree of repairability - The mold is certain to need repair.
When evaluating insulation material, its repairability should also be taken into consideration.
I specified the 034 AV in the bet, since even Stihl succumbed (in saws of over four cubic inch displacement) to the siren song of chrome plating and the tempting trade off of more power at the expense of repairability.
typically evaluate and report findings for consumer products on a number of dimensions, such as convenience of use, durability, and repairability.
Overall, iFixit gives Valve's Steam Machine a nine out of 10 for repairability, losing a point for the difficult-to-remove cowling and precise cable routing that makes it somewhat difficult to put the box back together again.
In the final analysis, the Nexus 4 scored seven out of 10 in the repairability assessment.
The scoop-proof design features crimp-snap, 39029-style contacts for easy termination and field repairability in a small shell size 8 form factor.
The company reports that Duraplus MP emulsion provides outstanding appearance, gloss retention, superior repairability, recoatability and are AEPO-free.
Characterized by great durability; chemical resistance, flexibility, hardness and repairability UV Finishes Extreme durability, rapid cure Industrial finishes Formulated for automatic equipment lines to meet customer requirements ** Becker Acroma Inc.
This leads to a stiffer ride, poor fuel economy due to higher rolling resistance, and limitations in its repairability.
Canton, MA, introduced its new polymer, Megatran 248, for high-solids, high-speed buffable floor finishes with initial gloss and repairability.
These enterprises might include greatly ramped-up recycling and remanufacturing, as well as designing and redesigning of products (and of buildings, communities, and whole economies) to put greater emphasis on durabili ty, repairability, and reusability.
They involve partnerships with thermoplastic material suppliers to optimize candidates for service over temperatures from -40 [degrees] F to 210 [degrees] F; in-mold Class A surface finish; ensuring accurate, repeatable molding; validation of molding at cycle times and efficient assembly procedures; provisions for large, inexpensive prototype molds; and resolution of in-plant and field repairability issues.