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1. n. a representative, usually a sales representative. Please ask your rep to stop by my office.
2. n. someone’s reputation. I’ve got my own rep to think about.
3. n. repertory theater. Rep is the best place to get experience, but not to make connections.
4. n. Go to reps.

rep out

in. to do too many repetitions of an exercise and reach exhaustion. After forty crunches, he repped out. He’s got some work to do.
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n. repetitions of an exercise. (Bodybuilding.) After twenty reps, I think I could just keep going.
See also: rep
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One of the oldest and highly revered systems of progressive overload is to assign weight loads based upon percentages of repetition maxes (either true 1 RM's, or estimations extrapolated from the performance of multiple reps with a predetermined weight).
ONE OF THE most important aspects of my business involves helping companies improve their relationships with their reps.
If you can, pull an inventory report and other information from your database that will indicate what you need to reorder, or ask your sales rep to either send you one ahead of time or bring it with him.
And I'm talking about Republicans" One Republican lawmaker from Miami, state Rep.
Your marketing staff should provide prospecting leads to the rep, indicating where important calls are to be made after prequalifying major prospects in the agent's territory.
A subsequent development to the system was recently introduced by REP to Plumley which attains an even higher goal than the two companies envisioned originally.
Row 40 *P4, k4; rep from * to m, sl m, p5, **k4, p4; rep from ** to end.
There is also some evidence that individuals may experience differences in muscular growth with varying rep ranges due to fiber type (slow twitch vs.
Good reps are eager to conduct training seminars, because it increases the salesmen's confidence and helps them sell the rep's products.
Landlord Rep : Newmark & Company Real Estate, Inc.
The Koreagate revelations sent only one congressman to jail: California Rep.
In a Twitter post, actor Luis Manzano said that his celebrity mother, Lipa City Rep.
Inc row (RS) *K1, [k1f&b] 2 times; rep from * once more, k1--11 sts.
The measure is responsible for warnings to pregnant women about mercury in certain fish, an example cited Thursday by Rep.
rep assignment) is performed with a short respite of one minute between exercises.