open old wounds

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open/reopen old wounds

to make someone remember an unpleasant event or situation that happened in the past For many soldiers who served in Vietnam, the current conflict has reopened old wounds.
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According to media reports CNG stations were yet to reopen in the provincial capital Lahore, with sources saying the delay in reopening of stations related to a dispute over clearing of dues.
NATO on Tuesday invited Pakistan's president to the upcoming Chicago summit on Afghanistan, the strongest sign yet that Islamabad is ready to reopen its western border to US and NATO military supplies heading to the war in the neighboring country.
When will we see Bills placed before the National Assembly to reopen the Ebbw Vale (Rogerstone) to Newport line, to reopen the Llangefni and Amlwch railway, to build new railway stations at Caerleon and Magor and perhaps to set aside and protect old railway lines from development in Wales for potential reopening?
Venezuela's state-media said that three of the eight private banks that were forcedly shut will reopen on December 21 as state-run institutions.
Yesterday Dennis Fancett, chairman of the South East Northumberland Rail Users' Group which is spearheading the campaign to reopen the ABT line, said: "Obviously I am delighted that ATOC has included the line among those it would like to see reopened.
The Marsh House in Marsh is due to reopen under new management - a former licensee of the pub - at the end of this month.
They weren't sure it could reopen until they could check safety issues with the foundation,'' Don Strickland, spokesman for the state Department of Resources, said Tuesday.
The New Orleans Parish School Board was to reopen two schools this school year and another 17 were to reopen in January, along with other charter schools reopening.
felt that it was better to "leave it alone" and not reopen old wounds.
The good news is Congress apparently is not going to reopen Sarbanes-Oxley in order to toughen it up.
The order stated that "either party may reopen the matter within sixty (60) days of the date of this order to enforce the settlement agreement.
We are effectively feeding to the mill, ore from the surface, ramp and tailings, and will be producing 1,000 ounces to 2,000 ounces a week, and will be continuing to produce ore from the ramp as we reopen underground in December.
The Embassy Suites Hotel and UA Cineplex on North End Avenue will reopen on May 1 and May 8 respectively.
A group called Community United for Gay Sexual Privacy (CUSP) is trying to place an initiative on the November ballot that would reopen San Francisco's fabled baths as well as allow private rooms in the city's sex clubs.
The Opera House, which closed for renovation in July 1997, is scheduled to reopen in December 1999, in time for the millennial celebrations.