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n. one’s parents. (see also (parental) units. Also a term of address.) Hey, rentals, let’s go out for dinner.
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residence, vacation home or rental property) with clients to ensure they are receiving the tax treatment or tax benefits they expect.
Known as the Consolidated Car Rental Building, the project accommodates facilities for three major car rental companies.
New faculty that don't come from schools with rentals, they have no experience so they find it inhibits their academic freedom.
The gap between DVD and VHS rentals has been closing for several months, but it wasn't until the week ending March 16 that revenues for the newer format finally edged ahead by reaching $80 million in one week versus $78 million for VHS.
469-4(c)(1) allowed them to treat both rentals as a single activity.
The ins and outs of buying and managing your rental property
Turbo Tax[R] does not mention the seven-day rule for vacation home rentals in the interview process, nor does the help menu acknowledge the rule.
The owners of Halstead Property and Feathered Nest announced today that they will combine the rental divisions of Halstead Property, LLC and Feathered Nest, a brokerage firm specializing in the renting of residential apartments in Manhattan.
Riordan said, "Consumers will benefit from the added convenience of increased locations for both rental cars and one-way truck rentals.
The program, which began on February 19, will deploy MPRI-certified instructors to train 8,000 United Rentals drivers.
280A and the proposed regulations basically ignore the income-producing aspects of such rentals.
In the 5,000 square-foot to 10,000 square-foot size range, the drug store chains are competing with each other for the same locations, driving up the rentals, in some cases above the asking rental.
There, a customer relations representative would investigate the circumstances of the request and then issue partial or total refunds, or credits toward future car rentals, depending on the facts involved.
469-11(b)(1) does apply to rentals to a C corporation.
The statistics reflect increases in tenant effective rentals in 10 of the 12 markets surveyed, and increases in landlord effective rentals in 9 of the 12 markets.