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rent boy

A boy or young man who is a prostitute. Primarily heard in UK. The young man was taken from his parents and forced to work overseas as a rent boy.
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rent something from someone

to pay someone for the use of something. We rented a small car from one of the rental agencies. They rented a house from a local realtor.
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rent something (out) (to someone)

to sell temporary rights for the use of something to someone. I rented the back room out to a nice young student. We rented the back room to someone. For how long did you rent it out? Let's rent out the garage.

rent out

To grant temporary occupancy or use of some property or some service to someone in exchange for regular payments: I rented out the extra room over the garage to a college student. My parents rented our cabin out to one of my cousins.
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low rent

1. n. a low person; someone without grace or spirit. (Also a rude term of address.) Look, low rent, where is what you owe me?
2. mod. cheap; unfashionable. This place is strictly low rent.
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room for rent

n. a person who acts very stupid. (Also a term of address. This implies that one’s head is so empty of brains that the space could be rented out.) My brother is a room for rent if I ever saw one. What a dope!
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for rent

Available for use or service in return for payment.
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Cumming, GA facility C 73,237 net rentable square feet/513 units
Storage Village Jackson, located at 1228 Brookwood Av, Jackson, GA, consisted of 428 units and 57,350 rentable square feet.
Parkway Place: two single-story office buildings totaling 102,960 rentable square feet at 6680, 6700 Southpoint Parkway.
Loss Factors are the difference between Rentable Area and REBNY Usable Area (3).
The building contains approximately 50,400 rentable s/f of space and is fully leased to Cell Genesys, Inc.
Even with all the hype surrounding the ASP industry, the truth is that most small to mid-sized businesses still don't know where to turn for rentable applications.
In this new role, Giese (pronounced gee-see) will be responsible for developing and cultivating the company's relationships with national partners who provide rentable, web-based applications and services.
The police will be taking 124,226 rentable square feet for 20 years for a warehouse on the first and second floors on Abbot Street in a property that appears to straddle The Bronx and Yonkers.
In late March, Agiliti announced a new distribution model for the application service provider (ASP) market by aggregating best-of-breed rentable applications and services, and enabling independent sales partners like The Woodburn Group and Ciceron Interactive Solutions to quickly and efficiently deliver them to their end-user customers.
Their real estate broker brought them a deal that included a reasonably low rent, a rent abatement of three months to offset the construction period, moving expenses paid directly by the landlord, a build-out allowance of $50 per rentable square foot, and a 20-ton air-handling unit for central air distribution on the floor.
This office campus consists of two buildings: 800 Jorie Boulevard, a three-story building containing 126,508 rentable square feet, and 810 Jorie Boulevard, a two-story building containing 64,321 rentable square feet.
58 per square foot of net rentable space in 1996, up 4.
0 million net rentable square feet and 48 industrial properties containing an aggregate of 6.
2 million rentable square feet located in Midtown Manhattan, and will manage 29 office properties encompassing approximately 6.
At June 30, 2009, the Company had interests in 2,010 self-storage facilities located in 38 states with approximately 127 million net rentable square feet in the United States and 185 storage facilities located in seven Western European nations with approximately ten million net rentable square feet.