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render something down

1. Lit. to cook the fat out of something. Polly rendered the chicken fat down to a bit of golden grease that she would use in cooking a special dish. Jane rendered down the fat for use later. The cook rendered it down.
2. Fig. to reduce or simplify something to its essentials. Let's render this problem down to the considerations that are important to us. Can't we render down this matter into its essentials? Not all of this is important. Let's render it down.
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render something in(to) something

to translate something into something. Now, see if you can render this passage in French. Are you able to render this into German?
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render something to someone or something

 and render something up (to someone or something)
to give something to someone or a group. You must render your taxes to the government. I will render my money to the tax collector. I had to render up all my earnings.
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Jonathan Wilson, director of business development at Global Graphics Software, comments: "GIS' innovative industrial inkjet operating system and the performance of Harlequin Host Renderer and its color engine combine to form a powerful offering to the market.
Servers act as a source of content, while renderers enable a playback of content.
The integral services test under the Old Regulations permitted a consolidated group analysis for determining whether services were a principal activity of the renderer, (19) but this approach is, so far, missing from SCM.
The media items you've added can now be played back by players on your home network or on renderers controlled using DiXiM DMC.
Working hand in hand with the parallel processing capabilities of Fixstars' lucille global illumination renderer, these two innovative products open the door to new horizons in computer graphics rendering.
With the Harlequin Host Renderer as the engine in your digital front end you can easily achieve this without sacrificing the correct, predictable output and the high-quality color that you need to get repeat business.
Thus, an activity does not provide a benefit under the proposed regulations if its primary effect is to protect the renderer's capital investment in the recipient or other members of the controlled group, or if the activity relates primarily to compliance by the renderer with reporting, legal, or regulatory requirements specifically applicable to the renderer (when the renderer is the parent of the controlled group).
In 2000, SplutterFish rocked the CG world with its fully-integrated and 3ds Max-compatible renderer, Brazil r/s, breaking barriers and bringing production-viable, high-end GI and raytracing to the desktop.
Sony Pictures Imageworks initially developed OSL for use with its in-house renderer in the production of animated feature films and visual effects.
1 of the Harlequin([R]) Host Renderer SDK that provides high-quality components with which to build printer drivers and other host-based rendering solutions for a wide variety of raster devices.
Frantic Films Also Announces Amaretto, Allowing Discreet 3ds max(R) Software Users to Plug-in to the Power of the Gelato GPU-accelerated Film Renderer
These include a continuous graphics renderer and a new advanced text renderer that enables the display of virtually any font set, including Unicode and Complex Scripting.
NVIDIA Corporation introduced today a new Maya(R) 6 plug-in for NVIDIA's award-winning, final-frame renderer Gelato(TM), bringing the first hardware-accelerated, final-frame renderer to Maya artists.
0 of the Harlequin([R]) Host Renderer SDK, that provides high-quality components with which to build XPS printer drivers and other host- based solutions for a wide variety of raster devices.
In December 2000, Cinesite Studios (USA) licensed RenderDotC, Film Edition renderer from Dot C Software, Inc.