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remonstrate (with someone) (about someone or something)

to protest to someone about someone or something. After remonstrating with the manager about the price for a while, Vernon left quietly. I spent an hour remonstrating about Ted with Alice.
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Not to the British public, John,' said Dec, in a dual act of apology and remonstration.
Derby boss Phil Brown was clearly upset by the decision and his touchline remonstration spoke volumes.
A word of sympathy or encouragement, of advice or remonstration, even protest, but we hesitated and the moment was lost.
Stewart made his feelings towards the referee known at the end of the session and his remonstration seemed to pay off as Blaze took five penalties in little over six minutes at the beginning of the third period.
The reaction from Saunders was immediate, his angry remonstration with the linesmen resulting in him also being dismissed from the dug-out and ordered into the stand for the final 12 minutes.
Saunders followed suit for his angry remonstration and the third red card followed for United defender Steve Kinniburgh, who received a second caution.
Carr's remonstration with referee Mick Curley could lead to a three match ban which could possibly sideline him for an All-Ireland final if Dublin were to advance without replays.
Their instant vociferous reaction to the challenge and the remonstration with referee Willie Barrett didn't help O'Connell's cause and may have triggered Barrett to an over reaction.
Mr Roberts told the court he had heard a commotion and seen the remonstration between Mr Barakata and the youths, but had not gone outside.
A boy is allegedly told by Owen not to return to school after he responds to a remonstration from the teacher with obscene language.
As ittranspired, there was indeed more to the Scot's 38th-minute remonstration than met the eye.
But, as I turn to see if there is any acknowledgement from the elbow's owner,I am strongly advised against making any remonstration, of which, given the company, I would not have dared in any case.
Compare the protracted remonstrations of Arsenal's Gabriel at the weekend, or many others often, to Kaboul's narroweyed, tunnel-visioned dash for the dressing room.
Another element that he made statements in an increasingly aggressive tones is also admitted with a caveat that he does not accept he was aggressive but "was loud and his remonstrations were increasing in volume and intensity".
The obituary takes note of how hard Father Orlovskii was in his remonstrations to the people, even as this severity did not take away from the incorruptibility or severity of the truth he preached to them.