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remit (something) to (someone or something)

To send, transfer, or refer something to someone or something else. The tenant is hereby instructed to remit all outstanding payments to the landlord within 30 days or else face immediate eviction. We are remitting the case to the supreme court for a final decision.
See also: remit

remit something to someone or something

to send something, especially money, to someone or a group. Please remit your rent to your landlady immediately. You are requested to remit your loan payment to the bank on time this month.
See also: remit

remit to

1. To transmit money to someone: You must remit the tuition to the registrar today.
2. To refer a legal case to another court for further consideration or action: The judge remitted the case to the state court.
See also: remit
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Robert's skills are improving every day, thanks to what he's learning at college, through his Remit assessor and, of course, while he's on the job.
BDO Remit will service the Bank of New York Mellon's Remit Worldwide, which enables client US retail banks to facilitate worldwide remittances.
The seller either can (1) work with the purchaser to produce the correct apportionment, then collect and remit sales/use tax to the appropriate jurisdictions based on that apportionment; or (2) collect and remit the tax based on the regular destination-sourcing rules for tangible personal property contained in SSUTA Section 310.
If a student had not paid tuition, the letter asked schools to charge the home institution's rate of tuition and remit the amount to the damaged school.
The propensity to remit seems to be greater among immigrants who are undocumented, those who have left dependents in Mexico, those with lower levels of education and English skills, and the unbanked, the authors conclude.
Pledging one's allegiance to a post-9/11 America--one which continues to rip families apart for promises of material comfort--is at best an uneasy position for those who remit.
PHILADELPHIA -- Panic disorder is highly chronic and likely to relapse when it remits, particularly if it is accompanied by agoraphobia, Dr.
Failure to remit or untimely remittance of participant contributions may constitute a prohibited transaction (either a use of plan assets for the benefit of the employer or a prohibited extension of credit) and, in certain circumstances, may constitute embezzlement of plan assets.
Third party lockbox services like KLIK REMIT allow for deposits into any bank, and offer a much wider range of services.
The purchaser must remit sales or use tax with the payment based on the jurisdictions where the supplier is registered and would have collected tax had an invoice been issued.
Dons were recently indicted for 'habitually' failing to remit statutory deductions such as income tax, pension contributions, NSSF and NHIF subscriptions, despite deducting cash from their salaries.
Bulusan, Sorsogon Mayor Michael Guysayko has been charged at the Sandiganbayan for allegedly failing to remit the Government Service Insurance System contributions of municipal employees from 2010 to 2011.
NZNO DISTRICT health board (DHB) delegates will be able to run multi-employment collective agreement (MECA) endorsement and ratification meetings, after the AGM narrowly passed a remit calling for training and support for delegates to do so.
Manila, Philippines - The Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) targets to recover and remit over $23 million worth of Swiss bank deposits of the late Ferdinand Marcos to the National Treasury this year.