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At times, Reminiscing in Tempo compels its readers to become active biographers themselves, balancing different perspectives on issues given by multiple participants; for example, the controversial role played by Mills is addressed by Ellington, his band members, and Mills himself.
We encourage storytelling and reminiscing as part of the busy programme of activities here, as keeping the mind active and stimulated is so important.
This tends to blend a group getting together, reminiscing about old times, with a hefty portion of one-liners and a dash of bittersweet nostalgia.
Over the years this had become a sort of refuge for her many friends from New York, Los Angeles, and abroad, for she possessed the unique gift of making everybody feel instantly at home as she pottered about, preparing mouthwatering meals (her rum pot of preserved fruits catapulted one straight into bliss), conversing with her cat, and reminiscing about the colorful events of her life.
Famuyiwa originated the story idea several years ago when a friend of his announced he was getting married and he and Famuyiwa found themselves reminiscing for hours about the good old days.
Palmdale's ninth annual Shakespeare Festival in April will feature performances of ``Macbeth,'' an ``Othello'' ballet and ``A Midsummer Night's Dream,'' a one-man portrayal of Shakespeare reminiscing about his career, and acting and Renaissance jewelry workshops.
Today, I smile when I see an old Mudd Clubber, and we silently congratulate ourselves for surviving while reminiscing about the "good old days" - joyful, jobless days when the only objective before sundown was to create art and pull that evening's outfit together.
Reminiscing about Pavlova, Vreeland recalls how her mother ("a terrific flamenco dancer
Both the act of creating art and the artwork itself can elicit reminiscing and socialization when verbal communication is impaired or simply not occurring.
We look forward to reminiscing about 1998 and the evolution of the Internet much as earlier pioneers reflected on 1898 and the industrial revolution.
The younger brother first began having memories of childhood sexual abuse in March, after reminiscing with a childhood friend with whom he had lost contact, the lawsuit said.
A wave of reminiscing has flooded the house with Old School memorabilia, and back-in-the-day yearnings are the flavor of the moment.
I was sitting in the grandstand (Friday) reminiscing about people I met here - who aren't around anymore.
I look forward to reminiscing about the great age of ocean travel, and I'm especially looking forward to seeing many familiar faces, both passengers and crew.
What started out as a small gathering of classmates reminiscing on the Internet turned into an all-class reunion that drew hundreds of Burbank and Burroughs high school alumni Saturday at Griffith Park.