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reminisce about someone or something

to think about one's memories of someone or something; to discuss or share memories of someone or something. They were reminiscing about their old friends. The old men sat and reminisced about the good old days.
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reminisce with someone

to share memories with someone. I love to reminisce with my sister about old times. Todd was reminiscing with Alice about the good old days.
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In a speech peppered with humor, Napolitano reminisced about her life as a student: road trips, strawberry daiquiris, and living abroad.
Jackson reminisced about that episode and is due for a year's checkup.
I never dreamed it would be like this," said Archbishop Michael Peers, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada as he reminisced before 1,000 Lutherans at the 10th Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation.
Kwan fondly reminisced her childhood in Hong Kong and declared her deep love for her hometown.
As family, friends and other WASPs reminisced about Weigel at a brief service at Eternal Valley Memorial Park and later at Haire's Canyon Country home, the smuggling story didn't seem so far-fetched.
The Miss SCV Scholarship Program teaches local young ladies about many positive ways to be a good role model while representing their city, and the girls reminisced about their various community service experiences during their night out.
Our class was the last one to wear uniforms,'' Cowden reminisced.
Marking his 20th anniversary as pope, John Paul II on Friday reminisced sentimentally with fellow Poles and asked for prayers so he can keep doing God's work ``right to the end.
Before Sunday's dinner, the literati sipped wine and reminisced about the importance of libraries in their lives.