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be remembered as (something)

To be widely known for something, such as an accomplishment. That choreographer will be remembered as a true innovator in the world of dance.
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be remembered for (something)

To be widely known for something, such as an accomplishment. That choreographer will be remembered for all of her innovations in the world of dance.
See also: remember

something to remember (one) by

A memento or keepsake to remind one of someone. I'll miss you too. Here, keep my hat—something to remember me by.
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remember (one) to (someone)

To bring or deliver one's greetings to someone else. Have fun on your trip—please remember me to Aunt Lily and Uncle Michael!
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Remember me to someone.

Please carry my good wishes to someone. (The someone can be a person's name or a pronoun.) Tom: My brother says hello. Bill: Oh, good. Please remember me to him. Tom: I will. Fred: Bye. John: Good-bye, Fred. Remember me to your Uncle Tom.
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remember someone as something

to recall someone as being a particular type of person. I remember Terri as a rather cheerful girl, always willing to help out. William will be remembered as a grouchy person.
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remember someone in one's will

to bequeath something to someone in one's will. My uncle always said he would remember me in his will. He failed to remember me in his will.
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remember someone to someone

to carry the greetings of someone to someone else. Please remember all of us to your uncle. I will remember you to my brother, who asks of you often.
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Remember to write,

 and Don't forget to write. 
1. Lit. a final parting comment made to remind someone going on a journey to write to those remaining at home. Alice: Bye. Mary: Good-bye, Alice. Remember to write. Alice: I will. Bye. Sally: Remember to write! Fred: I will!
2. Fig. a parting comment made to someone in place of a regular good-bye. (Jocular.) John: See you tomorrow. Bye. Jane: See you. Remember to write. John: Okay. See you after lunch. Jane: Yeah. Bye. Remember to write.
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something to reˈmember somebody by

(informal) a punishment, especially a physical one: If I ever catch you stealing my apples again, I’ll give you something to remember me by.

be reˈmembered as/for something

be famous or known for a particular thing that you have done in the past: He is best remembered as the man who brought jazz to Britain.A natural journalist, he will be remembered for his words rather than his actions.
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remember to

To deliver greetings from someone to someone else: Please remember me to your family.
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can’t remember a fucking thing

phr. & comp. abb. a phrase said when one’s memory fails. (Usually objectionable.) Gee, I’m getting old. CRAFT. What’s your name, again? I can’t remember a fucking thing!
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can’t remember shit

and CRS
phr. & comp. abb. can’t remember anything. (Usually objectionable.) Tom can’t remember shit. He has to write everything down. I was diagnosed with CRS. It comes with age!
See also: remember, shit
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Jules Vickerman I remember 2012 - my daughter's school was open when others weren't and it was a seven minute walk on a good day but that day it took us 35 minutes.
TECHNIQUES Storytelling It can be difficult to remember a list of unconnected words unless you find a way to link them together.
Students learnt different types of revision techniques involving ways to remember lists via connecting them in a story, and remembering people by placing then in a location, which were useful in helping them revise for their up and coming exams.
I remember the soft tear of her lips pulling the seed
There are people who can remember things that happened 50 years ago as clearly as if they happened yesterday.
I remember the king passed massive amounts of inarticulate feeling
I remember the toy stethoscope that Mama bought me when I was six years old.
Do you remember the rain, do you remember the dog barking,
Send your pictures for this daily feature to Remember When at the Evening Gazette.
The Grammy Awards Sunday will be something to remember for 19 WPI students and a professor who sang on the track "Remembering" for New Age musician and composer Paul Winter's latest album.
I remember a time when I did not know Michael Riffaterre.
I remember bein' Black in the 30's decked out in my
Washington, Jan 13 (ANI): Researchers have identified a 'switchboard' in the brain that helps an individual to learn and remember at the same time.
In the film industry you want something that people will remember you by, and I think my outness has only helped me.
We get so caught up in our daily routines and so involved in our successes and struggles that we simply do not remember the suffering of our POW/MIA brothers and sisters.