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remand someone (in)to the custody of someone

 and remand someone over to someone
to order someone placed into the custody of someone. The court remanded the prisoner into the custody of the sheriff. The judge remanded Mary to the custody of the sheriff. The judge remanded Gerald over to his father.
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At this, the court extended the remand for another two days and directed to produce the accused on expiry of the remand.
The same court extended on Wednesday physical remand of a suspect in a case of offering head money on the former SSP of Malir till Feb 12.
The police produced the accused before the court on Tuesday and sought his physical remand on the pretext of investigating other rape and murder cases.
Police prosecutor, Inspector Johnson Okunade, opposed the bail application and pleaded that the court granted the remand order request.
Police said the absconding juvenile delinquents were lodged in separate rooms but on Sunday they came on the veranda of the remand home after finding the security personnel missing and fled the home by cutting through the iron metal window and gate.
Courts can order people accused of a crime to be placed on remand while they are awaiting trial.
Stockton's Holme House currently accommodates around 200 remand prisoners from the Teesside courts, but the jail is due to be downgraded from category B to category C.
However, in a statement to the ministers, the SCCCJ, said, Arguably, with advances in technology it is time to look again at how it (EM) can be used to reduce the use of remand.
His lawyer yesterday asked the remand judge to release his client pending his trial, but the judge refused.
The court recorded the statement of the defence counsel and extended the remand of Hamesh Khan to another 14 days till July 7.
As a result of the growing number of adults in remand and the declining number in sentenced custody, in 2005/2006 adults in remand for the first time outnumbered convicted offenders serving a sentence of imprisonment in provincial or territorial institutions.
Remand foster carers can provide placements for children and young people awaiting trial or sentence within criminal courts.
A cross-sectional study was undertaken in 2001-02 of STIs, HIV and drug use among street youth in a juvenile detention facility, adults in homeless detention centres and women and men in a remand centre in Moscow.
Raymond Foulkes, of Llewelyn Road, made no application for bail when he appeared before magistrates at Llandudno via a video link from a remand centre.
REMAND prisoners who are later cleared should get compensation, a senior judge said yesterday.