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remand someone (in)to the custody of someone

 and remand someone over to someone
to order someone placed into the custody of someone. The court remanded the prisoner into the custody of the sheriff. The judge remanded Mary to the custody of the sheriff. The judge remanded Gerald over to his father.
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The court while directing Rangers to present him before the ATC on next working work day, had accepted the plea of transit Remand.
However, the court dismissed the application of the prosecution saying that they were seeking further remand in the case on same grounds on which previous remand was granted.
Maher has served a total of 116 days on remand, the equivalent of an eight-month prison sentence.
Federal Statutes Controlling Appellate Review of Remand Orders
The United States International Trade Commission (ITC) today made an affirmative determination in connection with the remand of its final antidumping investigation of imports of vector supercomputers from Japan.
The older boy was sent to a remand centre at Northallerton, North Yorkshire.
It included feasibility statements on the nine remand industries subject to an Aug 15, 1980, court stay on enforcement of the engineering control portions of the lead standard (1910.
On remand, following the district court's refusal to dismiss IRF's infringement claims as a matter of law, a jury decided that IXYS did not infringe the '725 and '767 patents; and infringed the '699 patent by the doctrine of equivalents.
LAHORE -- An accountability court on Thursday handed over five accused to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on 14-days physical remand in National Fertilizer Marketing Ltd (NFML) scam.
ISLAMABAD -- The district court has sent the prime accused in illegal hachchi abadi case, Shahid Khan, to jail on a judicial remand following completion of his five-day physical remand.
PESHAWAR -- An accountability court on Monday extended for ten days the physical remand of the former inspector general police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Malik Naveed to the custody of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in the weapon
He had earlier told the remand judge he suffered from epilepsy and an ambulance was called to take him to Salmaniya Medical Complex.
Maclellan, who was on remand at HMP Winchester in connection with a serious assault, walked from court when he pretended to be his twin brother, Mark, who is also on remand at the same prison for a less serious offence, said Hampshire Police.
18 (ANI): a Pakistani anti-terrorism court has extended the police remand of three Mumbai attack suspects by another two days.
The 27-year-old's father and uncle are also in remand for their suspected involvement in the same case.