on guard

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*on (one's) guard (against someone or something)

alert against someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; keep ~; remain ~; stay ~.) Try to stay on guard against pickpockets. I am always on my guard. Be on guard when you go into the city.
See also: guard, on

on (one's) guard

Alert and watchful; cautious.
See also: guard, on
References in classic literature ?
Whenever he slept, Jerry was trained to remain on guard and never to go to sleep.
Bidding Dejah Thoris and Sola farewell, and commanding Woola to remain on guard, I hastened to the audience chamber, where I found Lorquas Ptomel and Tars Tarkas seated upon the rostrum.
Jean Pied-du-Port, and by six Sir Nigel's Company, three hundred strong, were on their way for the defile, pushing swiftly in the dim light up the steep curving road; for it was the prince's order that they should be the first to pass through, and that they should remain on guard at the further end until the whole army had emerged from the mountains.
You can do what you will, but I must remain on guard.
Prudence, on the one hand, warned me that I should remain on guard, but exhausted Nature, on the other, declared that I should do nothing of the kind.