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relinquish something over someone

to release the hold on or control of someone. She refused to relinquish control over the operations of the front office. Mary was ordered to relinquish her hold over the children for a month each year.
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relinquish something to someone or something

to surrender something to someone or something. Todd refused to relinquish his authority to anyone. I finally relinquished the car to the bank.
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US Dollar May Be Setting Stage for Advance Euro Near Major Top Against US Dollar, Timing Unclear Japanese Yen Relinquishes its Top Safe Haven Status to the Dollar British Pound Looks to 3Q GDP to Keep the Bullish Momentum Swiss Franc Trading Hinges on Broad Risk, US Dollar Outlook Canadian Dollar May Come Under Pressure Ahead of BOC Decision Australian Dollar Forecast to Rally Further on RBA Rate Hikes New Zealand Dollar Vulnerable To Pullback In Risk Appetite
Outright charitable gifts of cash, securities or other assets: The donor relinquishes ownership and control at time of gifting.
The passing of the colors is a symbolic act through which the outgoing leader relinquishes authority to his superior, who in turn passes that authority to the incoming leader.
However, if a decedent deliberately relinquishes this right, his or her heirs may not "rewrite" the will.
The Federal statute allows the Board to terminate such leases within two years after the sponsor relinquishes control of the Board.
Should the Company decide not to pay the US $423,571 on January 28, 2006, the Company relinquishes all its 51% option interest in Minera Santa Cruz.