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relegate someone to someone or something

to assign someone to someone or something. (Often refers to something unimportant or demeaning.) They relegated the old man to a bed in the corner. The former vice president was relegated to the position of manager of special projects.
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They decided to relegate clubs based on league position only - the first knowledge we had of this was when an e-mail arrived from Ken Tucker (on June 5).
THE Nigerian League has vowed to relegate clubs if referees come under attack in the second half of the season.
But ahead of tonight's clash at Selhurst Park, Swansea chief Sousa said: "I would like not to take 10 points off, but to automatically relegate a club because it's unfair on other clubs who are working hard to sort out contracts and things.
Norwich will go down unless they win at Charlton and Barnsley lose at Plymouth - which would relegate Barnsley instead.
The simple answer is why not have 21 clubs in the Premiership next season and relegate four of them at the end.
But he quit in 2006 and, having taken over Dublin, is now in a position to relegate his beloved Clare if his adopted team wins today.