release from

release someone or something from something

to liberate or let someone or something go from something. The police officer released George from the handcuffs. I released all the dogs from the city dog pound.
See also: release
References in classic literature ?
I do not know what infinite yearning possesses you, so that you are driven to a perilous, lonely search for some goal where you expect to find a final release from the spirit that torments you.
I can never claim my release from my engagement," she went on.
I have heard from Marian," she went on, "that I have only to claim my release from our engagement to obtain that release from you.
The Sheriff knows him: it is Arthur Donnithorne, carrying in his hand a hard-won release from death.
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Good release from sticky materials, and effective from -57 to 204 C.
Many Americans are slowly starting to realize that offenders need help to succeed and not reoffend upon their release from correctional facilities.
The hook is designed to release from the fish without touching the fish or with the use of a net.
If the owner is settling with the contractor and feels the contractor may wish to pursue damage claims against the architect, the owner must make sure his release from the contractor also prevents a third party claim by the engineer against the owner.
have a low coefficient of friction to facilitate easy release from deep or complex molds;
1 will be the first release from the company to support multiplatform development teams running UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 3.
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The Count of Monte Cristo,'' a new release from Disney and Spyglass Entertainment, made a solid debut in sixth place with an estimated gross of $11.
In addition, internal agents that provide release from molds will also provide release from any inserts that are bonded into the part.
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