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relay something to someone

to pass something on to someone. Can you relay this to Frank, who is way down the line? The message was relayed to Frank, who was at the end of the line.
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The mill's current protection scheme includes two SEL-2PG10 Phase Distance Ground Overcurrent Relays; five SEL-321 Phase and Ground Distance relays' one SEL-311C Distance Relay, four SEL-311L Relays; 12 SEL-300G Generator Protection Relays for added primary and backup generator protection; five SEL-351A Distribution Protection Systems; two SEL-501 Dual Universal Over-current Relays; and two SEL-547 Distributed Generation Interconnection Relays.
When the girls won the 200 free relay, I thought I was going to (burst),'' said Oaks Christian coach Dave Moore, who was involved in celebratory hugs too numerous to count behind the starting blocks.
500 freestyle, 4th; 200 freestyle, 7th; 200 freestyle relay, 12th); Megan Masters, sr.
She also knew she had to get her mind right for the 800 relay, in which she swam the anchor leg.
Sorenson Communications President and CEO Pat Nola notes, "Sorenson Communications is pleased to serve as the official VRS and IP Relay provider for the 16th Winter Deaflympics.
Llamas and Collins, along with Sylvester Pusiri and Aaron Hope, won the 4 x 800 relay (8:29.
Frame Relay Data Services" forms part of the TransNet series of courses.
The Herb Wyre Relays have become that and much more.
It's almost impossible to envision our community without Sprint Relay Services," said Claire Bugen, superintendent of Texas School for the Deaf.
As the technology becomes available to more deaf communities, we experience a tremendous increase in the demand for our video relay service and for more qualified interpreters to relay the calls.
Starting January 2006, Relay Capital will begin distribution of the debit and stored value cards.
Rudy Scott, Vice President of Mortgage Business Associates and a veteran in the mortgage industry, stated, "The solution that Relay offers in HR and payroll solutions helps the small to medium size compete with the major mortgage companies.
Today, Sprint IP Relay, an Internet relay service, launched a more user-friendly layout, a shorter Web address and faster user connectivity.