relax into

relax into something

1. to sit or lie down in something, relaxing. I want to go home and relax into my easy chair. I relaxed into the reclining chair and was asleep in a few moments.
2. [for something that is tense] to assume a more relaxed shape or condition. His cramped muscle finally relaxed into a soft mass of tissue. As her tight neck relaxed into softness, her face brightened.
See also: relax
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Release and relax into stretch - to come out, bend knees, draw in feet and roll over to one side then ease to sitting.
Relax into passive stretch breathing evenly and gently.
By the time they've eaten their first meal here the design and surroundings of the facility take over and our guests relax into their experience with us.
To finish relax into a recuperative posture by placing your cushions against the wall, sit on this carefully, swivel round and lift the legs straight up the wall.