relapse into

relapse into something

to experience a return to a worse condition. Valerie relapsed into a coma in the afternoon. Mary relapsed into her depression after a brief period of normalcy.
References in classic literature ?
At any small surprise of the senses he would start visibly and sometimes turn pale, then relapse into a melancholy apathy deeper than before.
A memory center of the brain acts as an ignition switch for relapse into cocaine addiction, scientists suggest in the May 11 SCIENCE.
The first study demonstrated that Zyprexa was significantly more effective than lithium, the current gold standard for bipolar disorder treatment, in delaying relapse into mania, reducing the need for hospitalization and limiting the number of patients who discontinued therapy.
During relapse into mania or depression, patients may experience disruptions in relationships and jobs, suffer feelings of failure or become suicidal.
relapse into a manic episode than patients treated with
These results with olanzapine are encouraging, especially in light of another recent study in which olanzapine demonstrated lower rates of relapse into mania than lithium, the gold standard mood stabilizer.