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reject someone or something out of hand

to reject someone or something without any thought or study. Fred is so contrary that they rejected him out of hand when his name came up for a committee position.
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meals rejected by Ethiopians

n. military rations, MRE = meal ready to eat. (Cruelly designated at a time when Ethiopians where starving to death. Implying that not even starving humans would eat MREs. That said, it is also known that such rations have been rejected by hungry people who desire more familiar food.) The reporter was embarrassed to describe the MREs as “meals rejected by Ethiopians.”
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The supplemental heat rejecter is a 275 kW cooling tower, and is controlled with a set-point to activate the cooling tower when the heat pump exiting fluid temperatures reach 36.
Accepters and rejecters of cowbird parasitism in the New World orioles (Icterus spp.
The present study uses the classification of non-adopters by Laukkanen, Sinkkonen, and Laukkanen (2008) which divides the non-adopters into three heterogeneous subsets named as Postponers, Opponents, and Rejecters based on their intention to adopt/reject rather than describing them as homogenous population.
This is not the first time writing off someone has come back to haunt the rejecters.
Hudson said: "Informed Rejecters may appear to represent the ultimate marketing sweet spot for new mobile internet devices like the iPad but our research found that only 37% of this group find mobile internet useful with the majority showing a marked resistance to using mobile devices to go online.
Wait for the long gloomy nights and dark days soaked with blood," said Abu Suleiman, addressing Iraq's "polytheistic rejecters," an insulting term for Shiites common among extremist Sunnis.
Positive Rights Rejecters, and the political discretion concerns of the
In the course of three decades, the evolution in public perceptions of indigenous South African women as passive acceptors of their tragic lot in life to vociferous rejecters of the same unfolded in national newspapers.
Fergus Kerr, "The Tide Goes Out for Rejecters of God," The Tablet, November 27, 2004, 20.
Customer portfolio development: Modeling destination adopters, inactives, and rejecters.
So he challenges rejecters of the Celtic-Southern thesis first to define "Celtic," then to demonstrate that there weren't culturally Celtic peoples in places such as England (69-70).
In a recent study in which I had a small role, a finer analysis of poll data on evolution showed an increase in the category of "not sure" with a corresponding decrease about equally in accepters and rejecters.
You will learn more from these rejecters than might be gained from talking to loyal supporters.
But as to whether rigid rejecters and devoted doubters would be swayed toward theism by all this documented support for divine transcendence, the reply is probably few at best.
Zarqawi, on the other hand, was ordering the Sunnis never to abandon their arms, saying: "Any government that will be established in Iraq today, whoever is in it, whether they are the rejecters [in reference to the Shi'ites] or the secular Zionist Kurds or the agents who are Sunnis in name, it will be a puppet government that will owe its allegiance to the Crusaders [in reference to the West and the US]".