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reject someone or something out of hand

to reject someone or something without any thought or study. Fred is so contrary that they rejected him out of hand when his name came up for a committee position.
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meals rejected by Ethiopians

n. military rations, MRE = meal ready to eat. (Cruelly designated at a time when Ethiopians where starving to death. Implying that not even starving humans would eat MREs. That said, it is also known that such rations have been rejected by hungry people who desire more familiar food.) The reporter was embarrassed to describe the MREs as “meals rejected by Ethiopians.”
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Reject Tip: Preparation software should address, but double-check math.
A 1000 metric ton/24 hr corrugating medium mill using 100% recycled fiber can generate more than 50 metric tons of rejects per day.
I could reject your offer based on the fact that you must be totally and insultingly ignorant of my work as a poet, which strives to stand against all that you and your client represent.
If the buyer wrongfully rejects the goods or revokes acceptance, the seller has a number of recourses, including withholding delivery, reselling the goods, canceling the contract or (infrequently) recovering the entire price of the contract if resale of the goods has not been possible.
COUNTRY SHARING SHARING SHARING Saudi Arabia accept reject reject Saudi Kuwait reject accept accept Qatar reject accept accept UAE accept reject reject Iraq reject reject reject Libya reject reject accept Algeria reject reject accept Iran reject reject accept Nigeria accept accept reject Indonesia reject reject accept Venezuela reject reject accept TOTAL ACCEPTED 3 3 7 TOTAL REJECTED 8 8 4
Most of the rejected applicants had applied to companies that automatically reject all MS applicants.
If we accept the state return, but the IRS rejects the federal return, don't retransmit the state return," said Beach.
The problem was a complete inability to produce acceptable parts--a 100% reject rate.
The tie between fractionation and reject thickening was also examined in this study.
Or, per haps, he was revealing his plan for salvation--the exact details--and letting his followers make a personal decision to accept or reject him along with his doctrine.
Before making a decision on what changes to accept or reject, Track Changes allows you to view the document in a number of ways.
Oates and Goelzer's views and demonstrate that Congress intended not to reject, but to adopt, the definitional guidance set forth in the SEC's 2000 auditor independence rule--including the rule's definitional exceptions for tax services.
Her parents, Dennis and Lorie Nixon, who have 11 other children and reject medical treatment for their family on religious grounds, argued unsuccessfully in lower courts that Shannon was a "mature minor" and had a constitutional right to privacy not to seek medical care.
Even with drug treatment, many patients reject transplants.