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reinstate someone as something

to put someone back as a certain officeholder. The city council agreed to reinstate Mr. Wilson as alderman. Fred was reinstated as the court clerk.
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reinstate someone in something

to put someone back into a certain office or position. If you will pay your dues, we will reinstate you in the organization. Fred was reinstated in office.
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Bright said the court was reinstating Gerber's case because the ``right to procreate survives incarceration.
In reinstating the existing stock repurchase program, our board believes the stock to be an attractive investment at current levels.
He said this while responding to an adjournment motion being tabled by MPA Abdur Rehman Tanoli who expressed regret over delay in reinstating those employees who were sacked in 1996 and present government restored them.
Addressing the angry protesters, Haji Zahir Baloch urged the President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani to issue orders to chairman of Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) Sohail Ahmad for reinstating the dismissed employees with immediate effect, so that the 38 Baloch families could continue their routine lives.
Concerned about the pace of reinstating the Los Angeles Police Department's senior lead officer program, Mayor James Hahn called Tuesday for an audit of the revived program in the face of a shortage of officers.
com launched its web site with an exclusive online petition addressing the issue of reinstating Pete Rose into Major League Baseball.
They are among 15 co-sponsors of a bill that would mothball the agency, reinstating it only in a national emergency.
As Malaysia begins to appear more attractive to foreign investors, we believe that reinstating Malaysia into our indexes will help those who wish to participate in the re-emergence of Asia markets," he said.
The IG, after giving them a patient hearing, removed one ASP from service, forfeited the increment of two, issued censure to three, warning to one, exonerated four besides reinstating nine others.
Hahn personally endorsed reinstating the program that was dismantled by Parks who believes the SLOs should augment normal patrols and that all officers should be effective community relations officers.