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reinstate someone as something

to put someone back as a certain officeholder. The city council agreed to reinstate Mr. Wilson as alderman. Fred was reinstated as the court clerk.
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reinstate someone in something

to put someone back into a certain office or position. If you will pay your dues, we will reinstate you in the organization. Fred was reinstated in office.
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Global Banking News-April 14, 2016--ANZ reinstates suspended bank bill swap traders
Based on the two-year budget agreement forged by Representative Ryan and Senator Murray, this budget reinstates some funding levels above the sequestration cuts that occurred last spring.
Talking to reporters outside the Parliament House on Friday Ch Nisar said if government wants to reinstates sacked employees than all of them should be reinstated but PPP is just reinstating its party jialas and we object to this method.
If the 3rd Circuit reverses, no effect: It reinstates the status quo,'' said attorney Roger Jon Diamond, who has successfully represented clients in the adult-entertainment industry.
Settlements resolve past questions of legal standing and reinstates Carolina Tobacco Company products for distribution in the state
The CLOC automatically reinstates on the tenth day following an interest drawing unless the trustee receives notice from the bank that such interest component will not be reinstated.
Batesole has been waiting to see whether the school reinstates the program after canceling it on June 11.
The legislation, which remains subject to Presidential approval, reinstates the WOTC and WtW tax credit programs through December 31, 2007 and, beginning January 1, 2007, expands eligibility for the WOTC tax credit, including extending the age for food stamp recipients from 25 to 40 and removing the ceiling on family income for ex-felons.