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reinstate someone as something

to put someone back as a certain officeholder. The city council agreed to reinstate Mr. Wilson as alderman. Fred was reinstated as the court clerk.
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reinstate someone in something

to put someone back into a certain office or position. If you will pay your dues, we will reinstate you in the organization. Fred was reinstated in office.
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While Cobra said the Commission's decision on temporary reinstatement was "significant and irreparable," the court said that "a coal operator's financial interest in avoiding wage payments to a reinstated miner who returns to his job in the coal mines pales in comparison to those interests that have been deemed sufficiently important to give rise to collateral order jurisdiction.
The purpose of this study was to translate basic reinstatement findings (e.
Argo Group International Holdings says it expects fourth-quarter results to be hit by pretax losses of between $45 million and $55 million, net of reinsurance and reinstatements.
Effectively, what this means is that the Employment Relations Authority or Employment Court will be looking for evidence on behalf of the employee to show real potential for any reinstatement order to work successfully, before granting such remedy.
Carter maintains the bank's jurisdictional challenge "flouts the plain meaning and intent of the statute, which mandates reinstatement of a SOX whistleblower who prevails before OSHA.
Lawyers supported by political parties and civil society had launched an agitation to secure the reinstatement of the remaining 11 judges.
Answer: Reinstatement applies only to workers with on-the-job injuries, although other laws - such as family leave and disability laws not discussed here - may protect a worker's right to return to his job or another job whether or not hehas an on-the-job injury.
While he agreed current capacity should suffice until 2012, Quinones pointed out that, because a new power plant can take five or six years to go online, it is in the city's and state's interest to expedite the reinstatement of Article X.
Because members of the Mattu Reinstatement Committee had said that Raj Mattu wanted to see the report published they could have been forgiven for believing that the hospital management or someone else was seeking to block the publication.
After reading the numerous articles printed about the reinstatement of Detective Constable Gardner, although I do not agree with drink-driving, I thought some of the comments made were unfair.
15 to apply for reinstatement of dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC) benefits.
You should have a reinstatement plan in place before their employees begin returning from active duty.
I can confirm that the NCAA has received a reinstatement request form UCLA on behalf of Matt Clark,'' said Kay Hawes, NCAA associate director of media relations.
With a growing perception that Superfund is in a budget crisis, some stakeholders are insisting on a reinstatement of the industry taxes that sustained the program for much of its history.
TAPPI Test Method T 495 "Bending Number of Paperboard," which was previously withdrawn due to lack of timely completion of its review, has been proposed for reinstatement.