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reinstate someone as something

to put someone back as a certain officeholder. The city council agreed to reinstate Mr. Wilson as alderman. Fred was reinstated as the court clerk.
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reinstate someone in something

to put someone back into a certain office or position. If you will pay your dues, we will reinstate you in the organization. Fred was reinstated in office.
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Similarly Masood ur Rehman, who was earlier demoted by DPO Attock on the rank of ASI, was reinstated to his original rank.
Newly appointed Chairman NADRA personally noticed the suffering of the sacked employees' families and reinstated employees right after taking charge.
Another condition is that when people have been reinstated, they were given a final warning letter.
44) dismissed workers refused to be reinstated, although their employers agreed to reinstate them.
It added that 291 employees got jobs in other companies and 44 of those dismissed workers refused to be reinstated, although their employers agreed to reinstate them.
Wouldn't it be neat if in August 2011 the RCN could be reinstated in lieu of Maritime Command--100 years later
Employment judge Keith Robinson ordered he was reinstated at Whiston fire station.
The committee ordered the handler be fined pounds 300, but that her licence be reinstated with effect from yesterday.
In Caracas, a source at the Venezuelan foreign ministry said their ambassador to the States will also be reinstated.
Answer: As discussed above, the statutes require that a worker who has sustained a compensable injury but is later released by his doctor to full duty without restrictions must be reinstated to his former regular position.
Over the last few months charity staff have worked hard to secure funding to allow the service to be reinstated.
The Civil Service Commission reinstated Los Angeles World Airports police Officer Anthony Edwards last week, saying there wasn't enough evidence to show he actually made sexual comments and gestures to the teens -- even though he pleaded no contest to public nuisance charges stemming from the 2003 incident.
THE frustrated family of Robert McCartney last night demanded a meeting with Sinn Fein after five suspended members of the party were reinstated.
American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines yesterday (22 March) reinstated their fare increases.
USERRA REQUIRES THAT IF A MILITARY LEAVE of absence is less than 91 days, returning employees must be reinstated to the position they held or would have held if they had been continuously employed without interruption for military reasons.