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reinstate someone as something

to put someone back as a certain officeholder. The city council agreed to reinstate Mr. Wilson as alderman. Fred was reinstated as the court clerk.
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reinstate someone in something

to put someone back into a certain office or position. If you will pay your dues, we will reinstate you in the organization. Fred was reinstated in office.
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In the interim, we have agreed to provide funding to reinstate the service with immediate effect until March 31 2014 while discussions are ongoing.
2 billion fund to reinstate those who were dismissed after the war.
A compromise to reinstate a dismissed worker is acceptable even if the labour complaint is referred to the court, as any settlement between a worker and his employer is acceptable in any stage of the lawsuit.
The IMF is expected to reinstate a credit programme in Afghanistan, according to the local government.
Answer: An employer's duty to reinstate an injured worker arises from Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 659A.
Despite having previously urged Parliament to "take all necessary steps" to reinstate the traditional definition of marriage, Harper abandoned this policy during the election campaign.
While Bush has no plans to reinstate a draft, he could be forced into it by events," noted Newsweek writer Jonathan Alter.
If the leave of absence is more than 90 days, the law says the employer must reinstate a returning employee to the position he or she would have had if no service call-up had occurred.
Legislation that would reinstate a tax on the chemical and oil industries to pay for the cleanup of toxic waste sites has been introduced in both the U.
Right of Insurer to Reinstate Terrorism Exclusion, and Need for Response by Insureds, Lenders and Investors Within 30 Days.
The second surprise occurred during the subsequent NFPA meeting in Atlanta on November 20, when the NFPA accepted a new motion to reinstate compartmentation.
The hospital's board of directors then voted to reinstate the institution's old policy on abortions, which puts the decision in the hands of the patient and her doctor.
New York State recently completed a disparity study, and because they found [patterns of discrimination], they were able to reinstate the mandatory goal program," says Ellsworth Wiggims, MTA director of affirmative action.
At that time he stated, "It is our intention to reinstate cash dividends at the earliest possible time, consistent with industry conditions and LADD's earnings levels.
The suit to reinstate the law was brought by Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a Washington, D.