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draw in the reins

1. Literally, to pull in the reins of a bridled animal, especially a horse, to slow it down or bring it to a stop. Mary drew in the reins as she approached town, bringing her horse to a saunter.
2. By extension, to slow something down or bring it to a stop. During the economic boom, our company was making as many risky investments as we could find. Luckily, our CEO had the sense to draw in the reins on such recklessness before the economy crashed.
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hold the reins

To have or be in control, especially of a group, project, or situation. Though my grandfather was the breadwinner, it was my grandmother who truly held the reins in their house. The boss decided she'd hold the reins on this project after the assistant manager bungled the last one so badly.
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pull in the reins

To begin doing something more carefully or cautiously; to regain or tighten control over someone or something. This thesis you're planning is becoming wildly unfocused—I think you should pull in the reins a bit! I wish those parents would pull in the reins on their kids—the little devils are tearing the place apart!
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take the rein(s)

To take or assume control (of something). After the CEO announced that she had been diagnosed with dementia, her daughter gradually began taking the reins of the company. I don't know why people are so utterly terrified of letting the federal government take the rein when it comes to things like healthcare.
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tighten the reins

To begin doing something more carefully or cautiously; to regain or tighten control of someone or something. This thesis you're planning is becoming unfocused. I think you should tighten the reins a bit. I wish those parents would tighten the rein on their kids, the little devils are tearing the place apart!
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take over the reins

to begin controlling an organization or a country She offered good advice to the new Speaker as he took over the reins of leadership in the House of Representatives.
Etymology: based on the idea that the person who handles the reins (straps) that control a horse has control of the vehicle the horse is pulling
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hand over the reins

to allow someone else to control something you controlled previously, especially an organization or a country Company chiefs are often reluctant to hand over the reins of power to younger people. (often + to ) I built up the business, but I handed over the reins to my daughter last year.
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take over/up the reins

to take control of something, especially an organization or a country (often + of ) He took up the reins of government immediately after the coup.
See hand over the reins, tighten the reins
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tighten the reins

to start to control something or someone more carefully (often + on ) She has tightened the reins on her younger sons in an effort to curb their wild behaviour before it's too late.
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draw in the reins

Come to a halt, back down. For example, During a recession, many businesses are forced to draw in the reins on expansion. This expression transfers the means of stopping a horse to other kinds of restraint.
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draw in the reins

1. To slow down or stop a horse or other animal by putting pressure on the reins.
2. To restrain or control.
See also: draw, reins
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The animal was startled by the noise, and the reins were on his back.
To help ease small business owners' stress and grant some holiday wishes, CAN Capital's Take the Reins Giveaway will provide 15 small businesses the tools they need to have a more successful start to 2016.
This will be the third time in four years that the House has passed the REINS Act.
The King said in his cable, 'We are pleased on the occasion of your assumption of the reins of power in the State of Qatar to express to you, in my name and on behalf of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its people, our sincere congratulations, praying to Allah Almighty to help you to achieve the aspirations of progress and prosperity for the State of Qatar and its brotherly people.
All too often an owner takes the reins from a groom and, at the same time, takes the moment of glory for themselves.
Barcelona's Pep Guardiola was in the mix with one-in-six of the votes, but wonderfully some fans showed a liking for things as they are - one-in-eight wanted to see a canny but pragmatic Glaswegian hold the reins and went for David Moyes (pictured).
With a focus on youth, Spirit Reins aims to help disadvantaged children by providing them with advanced hands-on therapeutic programs and other activities that can challenge and empower these children.
STEPPING DOWN: The Lord Mayor of Liverpool''s coachman John Jackson passes the reins to his son David Picture: HOWARD DAVIES
You speed the horse up and slow it down without taking control of the head" with the reins.
Curiously, however, as be handed the reins of his magazine over to Frum and his ilk, Buckley quietly admitted that conservatives opposed to the Iraq War had been right all along.
Reins, which operates Gyukaku barbecue chains, is apparently trying to diversify its operations as its mainstay barbecue business has been struggling due to Japan's import ban on U.
On the walk back to the stable, he would inexplicably gather the reins in his free hand and slap them repeatedly against the saddle.
And he would not fully relinquish the reins to his oldest daughter, Marilyn, until he was 84 years old and she was nearly 60.
Most folks, when trying to set the direction of an organization like a parish or a school, or indeed, the universal church, tend to grip the reins tightly.
She also reprises my personal favorite, "Pullin' Back the Reins," and comparing the new version with the 1989 original (from Absolute Torch and Twang) illustrates the progress k.