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reinforce (something) with (something)

1. To make something stronger, sturdier, or more resilient by additional materials or supports. We need to reinforce this wall with steel beams, or else it could come crashing down under the weight of the house. They started reinforcing the barricade with anything heavy they could find in the house.
2. To give a military force greater strength by adding more troops, personnel, equipment, etc. We'll hopefully be able to reinforce our active squadrons with more soldiers by the end of the month. The new spending bill aims to reinforce troops on the ground with more advanced weaponry and communications equipment.
3. To make some feeling or thought process stronger, more effective, or more forceful with the addition of supporting evidence or action. These kinds of people simply reinforce their prejudices with cherry-picked information that omits or ignores anything that goes against their own narrative. It's important to reinforce your child's sense of safety and well-being with displays of affection and words of encouragement.
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reinforce someone or something with something

to strengthen someone or something with something. The general reinforced his troops with volunteers fresh from basic training. I had to reinforce the garage roof with new boards.
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Modernizing our audit standards, and coupling the audit of the historical financial statement with a broad array of assurance services, will enable us to deliver on our promise to reinforce the value of our assurance services.
Parents also should be sure to reinforce displays of good character with their children.
Phase 5 examines policies that can serve to reinforce the desired behavior change (Green & Kreuter, 1999).
As a practical matter, however, while this goal may meet appropriate documentation criteria, it will become the sole responsibility of the recreation worker unless all members of the team reinforce it.
There's nothing geologically frightening about the region if you know in advance what you're dealing with, if you grade massively to clear that soft soil and you reinforce your structures.
Remaining is the question of whether to reinforce the roughly 235 similar signs across the state, with gussets, Miles said.
Metro Red Line subway construction in the Cahuenga Pass near the Hollywood Freeway resumed Monday, after the MTA agreed to reinforce two tunnels with additional concrete and steel to prevent the freeway from sinking further.