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reimburse someone for something

to repay someone for making a purchase, such as a business expense. I will reimburse you for whatever it cost you. The treasurer reimbursed himself for his expenses.
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reimburse something to someone

to repay money to someone, such as a business expense. I will reimburse the money to you. Don't worry. The full cost was reimbursed to me.
See also: reimburse
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The rules would oblige banks to fully reimburse depositors in the event that Net-based thefts took place with the depositors not at fault.
On the other hand, in Situation 3, the discretion, whether or not exercised, given by the governing instrument to the trustee to reimburse G from Trust's assets for the amount of income tax paid by G would not alone cause the inclusion of Trust in G's gross estate, if there is no expressed or implied understanding between G and the trustee regarding the trustee's exercise of discretion--regardless of whether or not the trustee actually reimburses G.
Where NZNO members who are members of standing committees and who are required to take unpaid leave to attend any meeting, NZNO shall reimburse the member for any actual loss of income, subject to the member providing evidence of that loss.
As with the effort to reimburse for personal calls, the value of the time spent completing expense reports exceeds the value of the personal calls they would have made if the phone were corporate liable.
1 million to reimburse shelter operations, barricading roads, pumping out floodwater and sandbagging.
A provides that amounts in a participant's MRA may be used to reimburse him or her for any substantiated medical care expenses (as defined by Sec.
Bureau of Prisons' costs to incarcerate criminal aliens and reimburse state and local governments rose from $950 million in 2001 to $1.
These states reimburse eligible expenses only up to a certain point, which is usually more than the median but less than is spent by a considerable number of facilities.
To avoid the possibility of future litigation, and to conclude the process, CalCPA agreed to reimburse GIT for the disputed expenditures paid or borne by it on GIT's behalf during the period under review.
As of July 14, FEMAs Public Assistance (PA) program has obligated a total of $403 million to reimburse local and state governments as well as certain private nonprofits for eligible recovery costs.
Under this option, P would continue to reimburse all eligible retired employees for medical care, until all unused accumulated amounts are exhausted.
The Federal Highway Administration's Associate Administrator for Infrastructure, will not allow federal funds to be used to reimburse contractors for cost increases on existing federal-aid highway contracts, where such adjustment clauses were not in the original contract, according to The Associated General Contractors of America.
Of the total amount, more than $281 million was designated to reimburse for eligible emergency protective measures taken during the August disaster.
105(b), gross income does not include payments, directly or indirectly, to the taxpayer to reimburse expenses for medical care (as defined in Sec.
NO REIMBURSEMENT If an employee owns an automobile and his employer does not reimburse him for the business use of his car, requirements that the car ownership is a condition of employment and is for the employer's convenience may prove to be extremely difficult standards to meet.