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reimburse someone for something

to repay someone for making a purchase, such as a business expense. I will reimburse you for whatever it cost you. The treasurer reimbursed himself for his expenses.
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reimburse something to someone

to repay money to someone, such as a business expense. I will reimburse the money to you. Don't worry. The full cost was reimbursed to me.
See also: reimburse
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In cases where bankbooks are stolen, the rules would oblige banks to fully reimburse depositors if the holders of the bankbooks are not at fault.
Where NZNO requests any of its members to represent NZNO on any external committee, body or other organisation, NZNO shall meet any costs and shall reimburse the member for any actual loss of income.
411 merely because it also permitted amounts held in the MIKA to be distributed both before and after severance of employment to reimburse medical expenses (or to pay the cost of major medical insurance, as described in Rev.
Established a plan (P) that reimburses eligible employees for medical care expenses (as defined in Sec.
Last year, Washington allocated $300 million to partially reimburse all 50 states that incarcerate foreign nationals, with $109 million going to California, which gave $31.
The employer reimburses the employee for the taxes paid beyond an estimated amount, based on the employee's base salary, U.
Under the consent decree, OCCI shall reimburse EPA for $900,000 of its past clean-up costs at the site.
In Situation 1, A is covered by an HDHP, a health FSA and an HRA that pay or reimburse medical expenses incurred before A satisfies the minimum annual deductible under Sec.
However, one of the two promised wells turned out to be dry, and the county nonetheless used the Mello-Roos funds to reimburse Watt Land.
NO REIMBURSEMENT If an employee owns an automobile and his employer does not reimburse him for the business use of his car, requirements that the car ownership is a condition of employment and is for the employer's convenience may prove to be extremely difficult standards to meet.
A portion of the assets of the trust, now known as the Mittal Steel USA Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA), will be used this year to reimburse as many as 75,000 eligible beneficiaries and spouses for part of their 2006 Medicare Part B monthly premiums.
NCEH's insurance carrier will contribute to a settlement fund (the "Settlement Fund") in connection with the Settlement and also reimburse NCEH for certain legal and professional fees, which will also be contributed to the Settlement Fund.
105(b) applies only to amounts paid specifically to reimburse medical care expenses and does not apply to amounts that the employee would be entitled to receive irrespective of whether he or she incurs medical care expenses.
I suggest that legislators do the right thing and begin legislating changes such as mandating a pay scale according to experience, decreasing the required costly continuing education units and requiring third-party payers to reimburse us when we employ interns who work with clients.
First, Port Authority management will likely need to reimburse P&O for investments made at the terminal since 2001.