rehearse for

rehearse for something

to practice for something. We will rehearse for the graduation exercises on Saturday morning. We rehearsed for the play all weekend.
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Thoughtful people rehearse for important conversations.
Philip headed to the National Children's Centre, Huddersfield, to rehearse for a commemorative CD and on May 25, accompanied by members of the Poperetta, he headed to Beaumont Street Studios to record.
As the sitcom continues, the teenagers rehearse for their first gig and Jack falls for Eddie's big sister when they rehearse at his house.
Or if you must--"I want to rehearse for the job interview next week.
3 -- 4) Dancers, above, rehearse for ``The Nutcracker'' as artistic director Kathleen Burnett, below, instructs Tiffany Waniczek.
Job Description: Kyla describes her typical work day as the following: "Go to work, school for an hour, rehearse for three hours, school again, lunch, then rehearsal and then run-through with producers and writers, and then school for another hour.
She insisted that he audition for a place in the newly formed Ida Rubinstein Company, which was scheduled to rehearse for six months and given six performances at the Paris Opera House.
Photo: (1 -- color) Students in the Saugus High School choir rehearse for a modern opera to be performed on campus today with Los Angeles Opera singers in lead roles.
3 -- color) Ballet dancers rehearse for their performance in Tchaikovsky's holiday classic ``The Nutcracker,'' starring Erin Riddle, tonight at Moorpark High.
At left, from left, Erica Adelstein as the Duchess, Jacey Wever as Celia and Kara Fried in the role of Rosalind rehearse for a production of the Shakespeare's comedy being performed by Simi Valley High School kids at the campus this weekend.
Photo: (1--Color) Performers rehearse for the upcoming Dance Dimensions concert today and Saturday at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center.
I'll only rehearse for about 30 minutes and I'll only give 50 percent - in terms of both volume and emotion.