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regardless of (something)

Without respect to or influence from something else. Regardless of your preferences, the decision belongs to your father and me.
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regardless of something

without considering something; at any rate; whatever is done; whatever option is chosen. Regardless of what you say, I'm still going to the club tonight. I still have to pay the bill, regardless of the facts.
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References in classic literature ?
The young man succeeded in extricating his hand from the warm grasp of the Judge, but he continued to gaze on the face of the female, who, regardless of the cold, was still standing with her fine features exposed, which expressed feeling that eloquently seconded the request of her father.
With the enthusiasm of a boy he plunged excitedly into these new pursuits, regardless of whither they led him.
things Tizlove RegaRdless took a few starts to get the hang of thing but now he is on a roll, he is hard to oppose in the Follow at BetvictorRacing.
TIZLOVE Regardless took a few starts to get the hang of things, but now he is on a roll, he is hard to oppose in the Follow At BetVictor-Racing.
American lawyers operate the same way prostitutes and gunslingers worked in the Old West--their services are bought for money regardless of any other consideration concerning their clients.
Share ACL Projects with international colleagues regardless of language or data format, saving time and increasing data access.
The site includes self registration, self JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and a developer mashup regardless of map use.
The company offers reclamation of many metals, including steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron and stainless alloys, regardless of part size, complexity or surface.
41(a)(3), which allows taxpayers to claim a separate 20% credit for payments they make to an "energy research consortium," regardless of whether the base amount computed for regular credit (i.
All other covered systems must meet the requirements of section 141, regardless of acquisition category and regardless of whether the system's requirements documents have been approved previously.
Another is finishing the marathon, regardless of time.
The first challenge in document management is how to capture critical business information regardless of the origin, source documents (paper office documents, forms, microfilm), or last technology utilized.
Regardless of the size or sophistication of NAS installations, the challenges of enterprise file services are well known to the majority of storage managers in the industry.
And there are certain steps in that process that will be immensely helpful in improving students' marketability, regardless of what their major is or the profession they pursue.
The Society of American Registered Architects, was founded in 1956 for all architects regardless of their roles in the architectural community.