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best regards

A common, semi-formal valediction (used to say farewell at the end of a letter or message; also known as a complimentary close) expressing well wishes to the recipient. I look forward to finally meeting you in person. Best regards, Peter.
See also: regard

be held in high regard

To be regarded with a large amount of respect or admiration. I'll go see if I can persuade the committee, for I am held in high regard among them. Mr. Ross has always been held in high regard for all his charity work.
See also: held, high, regard

hold (someone) in high regard

To have a large amount of respect or admiration for someone. I'll go see if I can persuade the committee—they hold me in high regard. I've always held my father in high regard for his hard work to provide for us.
See also: high, hold, regard

(with) kind regards

A common, semi-formal valediction (used to say farewell at the end of a letter or other written message; also known as a complimentary close) expressing well wishes to the recipient. Please send a financial report for your company for the previous year at your earliest convenience. With kind regards, Alex Goodman. I hope I'll have the chance of meeting with you again soon. Kind regards, Brian
See also: kind, regard

warm regards

A friendly but slightly formal valediction (used to say farewell at the end of a letter or other written message; also known as a complimentary close). I hope I'll have the chance of meeting with you again soon. Warm regards, Brian
See also: regard, warm

hold someone or something in high regard

Fig. to think well of someone or something. All of us hold the vice president in high regard. We hold these policies in high regard.
See also: high, hold, regard

hold someone or something in low regard

Fig. to think poorly of someone or something. I'm afraid that Hazel holds you in low regard. I'm afraid we hold this establishment in low regard.
See also: hold, low, regard

regard someone or something as someone or something

to look upon someone or something as someone or something; to consider someone or something to be someone or something. I have always regarded you as my friend. The cult members regarded the stone idol as their dead leader.
See also: regard

regard someone or something with something

to look upon someone or something with a certain attitude or with certain expectations. The child regarded the teacher with a questioning expression. The kitten regarded the fishbowl with great curiosity.
See also: regard

with regard to someone or something

 and in regard to someone or something
concerning someone or something. What shall we do in regard to planning dinner? With regard to Bill, I think he is working too hard.
See also: regard

in that regard

(slightly formal)
in connection with something previously said I think he's very, very good at working with the community, and he's done an excellent job in that regard. It's only natural to take a look at how your neighbors did, and in that regard, Mississippi can be thankful that it did not do as poorly as Louisiana.
See also: regard

in this regard

(slightly formal)
in connection with this The movie has pretty low musical values, but it has plenty of company in this regard. I always had enough to eat, so I was much better off in this regard than many poor children in our neighborhood.
See also: regard, this

with regard to something

(slightly formal) also in regard to something
considering or relating to something with respect to something Parents are concerned about protecting their kids with regard to stuff that is available on the Internet. It certainly should make the law clearer with regard to what is and what is not a disability.
Related vocabulary: in terms of something
See also: regard

as regards something

(slightly formal)
in connection with something As regards the governor's recommendations, we plan to act on them soon.
See also: regard

in regard to

Also, as regards; in or with reference to ; with regard to; in or with respect to . Concerning, about. For example, In regard to your letter, forget it, or As regards your subscription, I'm not sure why it was canceled, or In reference to your inquiry, we'll have to pass it on to the board, or We have a few questions with regard to your recent offer, or With respect to your latest request, we'll be happy to oblige. The word reference has been used in this idiom since the late 1500s, regard from the second half of the 1400s, and respect from the first half of the 1500s. Also see relative to.
See also: regard

with reference to

Also, with regard or respect to . See in regard to.
See also: reference

as regards

In reference or relation to; with respect to.
See also: regard
References in classic literature ?
Juries cannot be supposed competent to investigations that require a thorough knowledge of the laws and usages of nations; and they will sometimes be under the influence of impressions which will not suffer them to pay sufficient regard to those considerations of public policy which ought to guide their inquiries.
with regard to the court of chancery, that this court generally tries disputed facts by a jury.
With regard to religion, Napoleon ordered the priests to be brought back and services to be again performed in the churches.
With regard to commerce and to provisioning the army, the following was placarded everywhere:
In regard to philanthropy, the greatest virtue of crowned heads, Napoleon also did all in his power.
Mr Venus begins drearily replying, 'Of her words, in her own handwriting, that she does not wish to regard herself, nor yet--' when Silas cuts him short with dignity.
It is of interest to note that some principle-based ethicists regard natural moral law, not as reason's understanding of divine law, but as analogous to the physical laws of science.
LOS ANGELES, July 25 /PRNewswire/ -- REGARD, in partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), will be joining several prestigious companies for the American Film Institute (AFI) Digital Content Festival being held at the AFI Campus, Mayer Library, 2021 N.
Similarly, the lawyer's or client's subsequent disclosure of a privileged communication to a third party can destroy the privilege not only with regard to the party to whom it is disclosed, but with regard to all other parties who may later demand production of it in another proceeding.
We share Avery's concern with the judicious use of language in regard to public communication of pesticide health risks; all of us--including Avery--should follow this advice.
A specific teacher belief such as one's self-efficacy in teaching science is a possible contributor to behavior patterns of elementary teachers with regard to science especially in motivating them to teach science or causing avoidance of science teaching by the teachers (Cantrell, Young & Moore, 2003; Mulholland, Dorman, & Odgers, 2004; Tournaki, & Podell, 2005; Woolfolk Hoy & Spero, 2005).
Most important, with regard to the key activity of the foundation, we reiterate the statement in our June 10 press release: "The Lambda Literary Awards and their showcase author readings, the centerpiece of the foundation, will continue.
While I agree with the authors about the challenges that urban schools face with regard to providing a culturally responsive and quality education to culturally diverse and low-income students, I also believe that urban schools are not alone in these challenges.
As always, the common practice of aggregating all Arab countries under one figure leads to unrealistic generalizations with regard to their individual and collective achievements, capacities and potentials.
Even the earliest Particular Baptists in America differed from Puritan and established church interpretations of the Old Testament, especially with regard to Americanized Covenant theology and the Puritan theocracy.