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regale someone with something

to present a great deal of something, such as lavish entertainment or fine food, to someone. They regaled their guests with food and music well into the night. The committee was regaled with tales of wrongdoing by the government.
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Nowadays Lilium regale is far and away the most popular lily around, but it's only been in cultivation in the West for a relatively short time.
Regale supplied a wide range of retail and catering customers within the Greater London area, ranging from Harrods to Somerfield, with premium ice cream brands such as Ben & Jerry's, frozen par-baked bread, confectionery and ready meals from a leased cold storage facility.
the sun; with flowers of the crow let us regale ourselves on the
Dutch Regale has three locations, each with two multi-deck, artisan hearth ovens that measure two meters across by two meters deep.
To order by debit/credit card call 0844 448 2451 quoting SM18590 or you can send a cheque made payable to MGN SM18590 to Lilium Regale Offer (SM18590), PO Box 64, South West District Office, Manchester, M16 9HY or visit mirrorreaderoffers.
Two chapters treat extensively, if somewhat inconclusively, lordship or dominium, in its confusing of concepts of jurisdiction and property, where government works to displace ownership; although in both Terrevermeille and in Fortescue the hereditary nature of kingship persists, a stronger sense of incorporation of that dominium that is both politicum et regale distinguishes Fortescue.
Rather than regale you with tales of WOM success and brilliantly complex geometric charts, we decided to take a more practical view," notes Pat LaPointe, managing partner and editor in chief of MarketingNPV Journal, a publication focused on helping marketers make smarter decisions and stronger cases to secure, allocate, or defend resources.
Heaven scent: Lilium regale | Heaven scent: Lilium regale
Little surprise then that the visit to Almondbury next week of the Collegium Regale (it's Latin for King's College) is causing such a stir.
By hiring musical bands and folk singers, they leave no stone unturned to regale them.
Lilium Regale (regal lily), a Chinese species, is one of the easiest white lilies to grow.
What a treat to have an overseas ballet company regale us with adventuresome works by homegrown choreographers.
10am The Cathedral Eucharist and Baptism, Introit: O nata lux - Tallis, Collegium regale - Tallis.
Having grown many in the past or seen them in other people's gardens, I know that the photographs are superb but the real thing far exceeds them - the crystalline surface of the petals of Narcissus poeticus recurvus, the poet's daffodil, the scent of a Regale lily on a sultry, summer's evening when the perfume takes over and transports all who experience it to another place - that's why I can't resist bulbs.
In honour of the royal wedding, the castle is resurrecting some of history's greatest monarchs and transporting them to the castle to meet guests and regale them with regal tales and stories.