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regale someone with something

to present a great deal of something, such as lavish entertainment or fine food, to someone. They regaled their guests with food and music well into the night. The committee was regaled with tales of wrongdoing by the government.
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Nowadays Lilium regale is far and away the most popular lily around, but it's only been in cultivation in the West for a relatively short time.
Insolvency practitioner Parker Wood, which is convening a meeting with creditors on March 14, said Regale had been hit by the loss of a major customer, Cafe Rouge, while competition had intensified in recent years.
Heaven scent: Lilium regale | Heaven scent: Lilium regale
As Sir Richard rushed to another party being hosted in another wing of his bungalow, he wondered aloud whether he should strike a deal with Thapar and Aiyar to regale guests at his Christmas bashes.
Lilium Regale (regal lily), a Chinese species, is one of the easiest white lilies to grow.
In "Countdown to Unhappiness," Sophie Calle will regale visitors with the story of her most miserable experience, as well as tragic tales she has elicited from others over the years.
Two chapters treat extensively, if somewhat inconclusively, lordship or dominium, in its confusing of concepts of jurisdiction and property, where government works to displace ownership; although in both Terrevermeille and in Fortescue the hereditary nature of kingship persists, a stronger sense of incorporation of that dominium that is both politicum et regale distinguishes Fortescue.
Rather than regale you with tales of WOM success and brilliantly complex geometric charts, we decided to take a more practical view," notes Pat LaPointe, managing partner and editor in chief of MarketingNPV Journal, a publication focused on helping marketers make smarter decisions and stronger cases to secure, allocate, or defend resources.
Energy: Lilium regale Give your lily a lift and see her again 6 We've had a lovely show of lilies in pots but what do I do with them now they're over?
is proud to announce updated labels on its entire line of Kristian Regale sparkling juice beverages.
Little surprise then that the visit to Almondbury next week of the Collegium Regale (it's Latin for King's College) is causing such a stir.
10am The Cathedral Eucharist: Introit: O nata lux: - Tallis, Howells - Collegium Regale, Gradual, Psalm 97, Hymns.
What a treat to have an overseas ballet company regale us with adventuresome works by homegrown choreographers.
In honour of the royal wedding, the castle is resurrecting some of history's greatest monarchs and transporting them to the castle to meet guests and regale them with regal tales and stories.
14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Kristian Regale is proud to announce three new distribution agreements in effect this holiday season: Costco Southeast Region, Amazon.