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regain one's composure

Cliché to become calm and composed after being angry or agitated. I found it difficult to regain my composure after the argument. Here, sit down and relax so that you can regain your composure.
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regain one's feet

1. Lit. to stand up again after falling or stumbling. I fell on the ice and almost couldn't regain my feet. I helped my uncle regain his feet as he tried to get up from the floor.
2. . Fig. to become independent after financial difficulties. I lent Bill $400 to help him regain his feet. I'll be able to pay my bills when I regain my feet.
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regain something from someone or something

to take back possession of one's property or right from someone or something. I intend to regain my money from Herb. The finance company regained the car from the delinquent buyer.
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References in classic literature ?
He, without a moment's warning, was bundled out of his room, and from that time onward there were always at least two of you there to prevent him from regaining his treasure.
No wonder that Lydgate had been unable to suppress all signs of inward trouble during the last few months, and now that Rosamond was regaining brilliant health, he meditated taking her entirely into confidence on his difficulties.
The crocodile was among those who heard the sound, and it followed him, though whether with the purpose of regaining what it had lost, or merely as a friend under the belief that it was again ticking itself, will never be certainly known, for, like slaves to a fixed idea, it was a stupid beast.
The scream that had startled von Horn and Professor Maxon led them along the trail toward the east coast of the island, and about halfway of the distance they stumbled upon the dazed and bloody Sing just as he was on the point of regaining consciousness.
For an instant the girl stood frozen with horror, unable to move a finger or to cry out; but only for an instant, and then, regaining control of her muscles, she stooped quickly and grasping a heavy foot-stool hurled it full at Peter of Colfax.
Things began to take form--he was regaining the perspective of civilized man.
So he stood, after regaining balance, and soberly regarded, in a vain effort to understand, the mate with a bottle- bottom inverted skyward, the mouth to his lips, the while his throat made gulping contractions and noises.
When he came again to the stream, the Ass fell down on purpose in the same spot, and, regaining his feet with the weight of his load much diminished, brayed triumphantly as if he had obtained what he desired.
Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have found that people who perform resistance training while regaining weight can help maintain strides in reducing their risks for chronic disease.
The findings of this study indicate that regaining weight is very detrimental; however, exercise can counter those negative effects.
The 1957 winner Linwell was another to come close to regaining the crown, finishing second in 1959 after being brought down in 1958.
regains top spot in Korean beef market: The United States has reclaimed its status as South Korea's top beef supplier since regaining access to the market last year.
Yamaha took another long leap regaining lead in motorcycle sales in the country putting behind Honda in July, the association of motorcycle industry (AISI) said.
Regaining the plant's balance means that the mix of products moving through the plant narrows as outliers are removed; this in turn enables workers to better understand the remaining parts, work more efficiently on them, eliminate mistakes and otherwise enhance productivity.
Holding off on spinal cord surgery until a few weeks after an injury, rather than attempting it immediately, improves the chances of regaining some powers of movement lost because of the injury, a new study of rats finds.