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regain one's composure

Cliché to become calm and composed after being angry or agitated. I found it difficult to regain my composure after the argument. Here, sit down and relax so that you can regain your composure.
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regain one's feet

1. Lit. to stand up again after falling or stumbling. I fell on the ice and almost couldn't regain my feet. I helped my uncle regain his feet as he tried to get up from the floor.
2. . Fig. to become independent after financial difficulties. I lent Bill $400 to help him regain his feet. I'll be able to pay my bills when I regain my feet.
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regain something from someone or something

to take back possession of one's property or right from someone or something. I intend to regain my money from Herb. The finance company regained the car from the delinquent buyer.
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References in classic literature ?
When they had forced a goblet of the fiery liquid upon him, Peter of Colfax regained his lost nerve enough so that he could raise his sword arm and defend himself; and as the fumes circulated through him, and the primal instinct of self-preservation asserted itself, he put up a more and more creditable fight, until those who watched thought that he might indeed have a chance to vanquish the Outlaw of Torn.
It connected by a narrow crevice with another cave, and it was through this that we regained the open air.
The interval between the delivery of this message, and the arrival of Mr Squeers, was very short; but, before he came, Ralph had suppressed every sign of emotion, and once more regained the hard, immovable, inflexible manner which was habitual to him, and to which, perhaps, was ascribable no small part of the influence which, over many men of no very strong prejudices on the score of morality, he could exert, almost at will.
Apart from formal divorce, One might still do like Karibanov, Paskudin, and that good fellow Dram--that is, separate from one's wife," he went on thinking, when he had regained his composure.
One of the prisoners, Grigoryev, went mad as soon as he was untied, and never regained his sanity.
For women who had regained weight in the year after their weight loss, several risk factors were actually worse than before they lost the weight," she said.
Summary: A two-year-old survivor of a train crash in east China train has regained consciousness after medical treatment.
The findings support the recommendation to continue exercising after weight loss, even if weight is regained.
In June Yamaha sales fell to 155,320 units from 170,267 unit in the previous month resulting in losing the position to Honda, but in July it regained the lead with sales rising to 161,016 units or a convincing lead over Honda's 143,233 units.
After 1 1/2 years, 46 percent of those in the face-to-face intervention group had regained at least five pounds, compared to 55 percent of those in the Internet intervention group and 72 percent of those in the control group.
How The Moon Regained Her Shape is a picturebook story influenced by Native American folklore.
Studies of shame and honor in Mediterranean societies have argued that, especially for women, honor is a commodity that is determined only by sexual status, and once lost, can never be regained.
Baker said he regained 10 pounds since the illness initially set in, but still can't eat at his normal pace.
The researchers then observed whether the animals regained movement of their paralyzed hind limbs.
In the 1990s, China regained the European colonies of __________ and __________.