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refresh (one's) memory

To remind one (about something); to help one to recall something. I'm sorry, I don't remember our discussion about that. You'll have to refresh my memory. You don't remember how much? Allow me to refresh your memory. You owe me $300.
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refresh someone with something

to renew or revive someone with something. Here, let me refresh you with a cool glass of lemonade. After the game, Wally will probably refresh himself with a bottle of iced tea.
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refresh something with something

to restore or brighten up something. I think we can refresh this drab old room with a coat of fresh paint. The old house was refreshed with new siding and some landscaping.
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reˌfresh somebody’s/your ˈmemory

remind somebody/yourself of something that you have forgotten: Refresh my memory, will you? How many children has he got?Before I interviewed Ms Waters, I read her book again just to refresh my memory.
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This Water Raspberries & Apples recipe blends the freshest pressed juices from specially selected raspberries and apples, a good squeeze of lemon, blackcurrants to add the rich colour, and spring water to create a crisp, fruity and refreshing drink.
I LOVE IT: Beverly Miles loves the way her room looks after its refreshing make-over thanks to the ECHO
Verdict: Probably not good value for money as although it was refreshing, you have to use a lot to get the desired effect.
Blended with ice, this refreshing, seemingly innocent mixture, is served in Moonlight's tall tower glass.
Bring out the flavors of this classic starter by serving with this recipe for Summer Lovin', a light and refreshing drink.
P & C officials say the launch of Refreshing Vanilla Mint is intended to continue the momentum of Whitening Expressions, which was launched in September 2003.
As temperatures rise and summer approaches, Coors Brewing Company is announcing its latest product innovations designed to meet adult consumers' desire for cold, refreshing beer.
Of course, those visiting the tents are treated to refreshing samples of LaCroix sparkling and spring waters.
That's what Coors Light is asking fans across seven cities in the Northeast to do over the next two months, in exchange for the chance to win unique experiences from The Night's Most Refreshing Beer.
This tart, refreshing drink is Taxco, Mexico's, answer to the margarita.
PlumSmart(R) is a crisp, refreshing, 100% juice that provides an exceptional combination of nutrients that contribute to help keep your digestive system healthy and in balance.
Whether delivered by beer vending machine or dog sled, Coors Light is using cool and unexpected ways to arm as many legal-drinking-age consumers as possible with the World's Most Refreshing Beer.
Starbucks hand-picked these flavors to capture the essence of summer, knowing that our customers want the most refreshing beverages that surprise and delight their senses with appealing ingredients and unexpected tastes," said Michelle Gass, senior vice president of Category Management.
The "Refresh Your Scents" survey, conducted by StrategyOne on behalf of Schick Xtreme3, was introduced to unveil additional insights about the importance of scent and other refreshing experiences in men's lives.