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in reference to

Regarding; having to do with; in connection with. We received an anonymous tip in reference to the ongoing investigation. In reference to my opponent's remarks, let me state for the record that I have always condemned hate speech in all forms.
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with reference to

Regarding; having to do with; in connection with. The governor's office made the announcement with reference to the recent controversial legislation. With reference to my opponent's remarks, let me state for the record that I have always condemned hate speech in all forms.
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in reference to someone or something

 and with reference to someone or something concerning or about someone or something;
in connection with someone or something. What shall we do in reference to Bill and his problem? With reference to what problem?
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in regard to

Also, as regards; in or with reference to ; with regard to; in or with respect to . Concerning, about. For example, In regard to your letter, forget it, or As regards your subscription, I'm not sure why it was canceled, or In reference to your inquiry, we'll have to pass it on to the board, or We have a few questions with regard to your recent offer, or With respect to your latest request, we'll be happy to oblige. The word reference has been used in this idiom since the late 1500s, regard from the second half of the 1400s, and respect from the first half of the 1500s. Also see relative to.
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with reference to

Also, with regard or respect to . See in regard to.
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in/with ˈreference to

(formal or written) used to say what you are talking or writing about: With reference to your letter of July 22...
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If you do not code the referential constraints, then your DBMS will permit you to do improper things such as backing up related tables on different schedules.
Until this point I have discussed two varieties of mental imagery: the referential and the verbal.
By analyzing the existing and possible kinds of referential activities, the character and structure of served knowledge and by attracting common conceptions and notions, the constructive design methodology should create the referential process in addition to the referential activities allowed to lead it on the new level necessary for real building.
Incremental content is thus referential content, which is also (usually) what Perry calls "subject matter content".
The online referential resolution practice used four texts to examine the participants' reading comprehension.
As I followed the report of the incident through various media, I was curious about different uses of referential forms linked to the Ehime Maru and to the Greeneville.
The company goes on to claim that this will lead to an increase in the value of the market for referential linking solutions - technology that allows manipulation of customer information in order to improve customer service.
When, in his friend's Biographia Literaria, the action of the creative imagination is described in such formal-affective terms as the fusion of "a more than usual state of emotion, with more than usual order," best achieved in meter, and readers are urged to accommodate the poet's fictive worlds by momentary suspensions of disbelief, some slackening of the poet's mimesis of reality and with it the cogency of his referential activity may seem to threaten.
Bucci's Referential Activity (RA) measure was designed to assess the degree to which an individual is able to symbolize nonverbal experience (particularly emotional); that is, express it in words.
The basic point to be made is that the decomposition of the generic notion of information, into referential and non-referential types will lead to useful ways of characterizing informational processes in (social) systems.
Poststructuralist theorists have tended to collapse the categories of fiction and nonfiction, especially those of fictional and referential narratives.
stale logins) and checks the referential integrity of user names.
Moll develops this referential theory in his introduction, rather surprisingly associating it with the idea of chord inversion (p.
I rebut objections that Yablo's liar has hidden self-reference with a distinction between attributive and referential self-reference and appeals to Gregory Chaitin's algorithmic information theory.