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in reference to

Regarding; having to do with; in connection with. We received an anonymous tip in reference to the ongoing investigation. In reference to my opponent's remarks, let me state for the record that I have always condemned hate speech in all forms.
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in reference to someone or something

 and with reference to someone or something concerning or about someone or something;
in connection with someone or something. What shall we do in reference to Bill and his problem? With reference to what problem?
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in regard to

Also, as regards; in or with reference to ; with regard to; in or with respect to . Concerning, about. For example, In regard to your letter, forget it, or As regards your subscription, I'm not sure why it was canceled, or In reference to your inquiry, we'll have to pass it on to the board, or We have a few questions with regard to your recent offer, or With respect to your latest request, we'll be happy to oblige. The word reference has been used in this idiom since the late 1500s, regard from the second half of the 1400s, and respect from the first half of the 1500s. Also see relative to.
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with reference to

Also, with regard or respect to . See in regard to.
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in/with ˈreference to

(formal or written) used to say what you are talking or writing about: With reference to your letter of July 22...
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The reader-imager may then easily form a referential image of David as conjured from within: enacting David's familiar body posture, experiencing the breeze and the pressure of pillows against his back and head, a viewing of the pages in David's book, and perhaps even a glancing at the indistinct furnishings of a room.
The current study explores further the same line of inquiry by extending it to the choice of referential forms, the phenomenon that has been generally characterized as unrelated to expressivity and emotivity.
Based on the theorized relationship between level of object relations and capacity to symbolize and to express emotional experience verbally, as well as previous findings, positive correlations between the object relations and referential activity measures were expected for both groups.
By contrast, in the second -- but by no means secondary -- iconographic layer, the referential thrust is instead to extra-Florentine, real and imaginary architecture bound up with civic mythology, indeed, with virtually the entire semantic field associated with the Myth of Florence.
Soft Solutions ibs REFERENTIAL multi-dimensional capabilities will provide Capelli New York the ability to share real time business information across the various sites among US, China and Europe.
Lucifer's Left Nut takes such referential jumbling to an extreme.
Inscribing the Time, a recent volume in the New Historicist series from California, provides a cultural focus on the last years of Elizabeth's reign in order to place three contemporaneous plays by Shakespeare into referential contexts.
Carrefour Group, the world's second largest retailer with annual revenues of over 110 billions dollars, deployed ibs REFERENTIAL, Soft Solutions Retail Master Data Management (MDM) solution on October 23, 2006 after completing the project analysis phase.
A renewed fear of the insidious tendency of even Christian images to lose their referential status and become themselves the object of worship led Reformers to denounce and even destroy them - with the same seductive force being ascribed to verbal images as well as to visual ones.
the ability to split a table into two tables and maintain full referential integrity
This work is more pictorial and less directly referential to the history of art than any the artist has shown to date.
Relate the tables using primary keys and referential integrity.
The Rage,'' by contrast, is an R-rated ``Beverly Hills 90210'' meets ``The X-Files,'' a compilation of referential scenes which rely on the use of gory special effects for shock value.
There is a difference between saying "Rembrandt fashioned himself" and "Rembrandt fashioned his self": the reflexive pronoun in the first predicate has merely deictic force, whereas in the second, the noun clause has referential force and implies commitment to an entity, the self.
But rather than conceive of this process as the basis for referential gamesmanship or as a dreaded entropic slippage (as, for example, some Minimalists did when confronted with Michael Fried's accusation of anthropomorphism), he posits it as the opening up of new realms of possibility.